Northern youths under the auspices of Arewa Youths Consultative Forum on Friday went hard on President Muhammadu Buhari over his recent remarks in London that a lot of young persons in the country prefer to sit without working, stressing that the criticism is an insult on all Nigerian youths.


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ApdReports reaching SW shows that there are moves by the Peoples Democratic Party towards changing its name. This was to accommodate one of the conditions given by those who left the party before the 2015 general elections, This decision is said to be the outcome of its discussions with defectors and other members of other political parties that had been contacted to return to the party Ahead of 2019 general elections.

Reports in the media has it that the Name change is  one of the issues to be discussed by the party at an emergency meeting of the National Executive Committee slater for Thursday,  Kola Ologbondiyan, the national publicity secretary of the party, in a statement said the NEC meeting would hold at the party’s national secretariat. However, the reports did not include any mention of the agenda of the meeting.

Going further, it also reported that the national leadership of the party would use the meeting to brief the PDP’s NEC on the outcome of its discussions with defectors and other members of other political parties that had been contacted to return to the party ahead of the elections. A member of the National Working Committee of the party, who spoke on condition of anonymity, was said to have confirmed that the issue of name-changing is real. “It is true that some people are asking us to change our name. We are considering it. But we can’t do it alone. We need to consult widely on it. While doing that, we also need to be careful so that we are not misled. “Is the advice genuine or is it borne out of hatred to mislead us ahead of the elections? We are looking at many possibilities. Are some people trying to mislead us, or they want to really join us to win power back in 2019, or they are planning to mislead us? We will also look at the legal possibilities and encumbrance.”

However, Ologbondiyan, when contacted said he did not know the agenda for the meeting. “The agenda will be known tomorrow. It is not something I can tell you now. In fact, I don’t know it,” he said.

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To win this war of ideas against the Boko Haram, there should be a complementary force deployed to maintain and secure liberated town from being overrun and becoming battle areas again. The numbers if IDPs in Nigeria kept increasing while resources to maintain them are winning, clearly lives in those IDP camps are far below national average.

The military gains in recent years in routing out the Book Haram insurgency in Borno and other neighboring states are commendable and showed a high level of resilience and sacrifices in human and material resources. We are all aware of the high level of loses the Nigerian Military were exposed to during these seven years war and we all will continued to pray for the souls of our departed heroes who gave their lives for peace and tranquility to reign in our home.

One factor that stood out in this discourse is the fact that a more independent observer of this theater of war will confess that its either the Kanuris have a preponderance to repeatedly use the same names over and over again for their cities or this war kept going on in circles. the cities and towns librated over and over again in and around Baga and Sambisa shows a sign that something is not being done about securing and holding liberated cities properly by our conquering army.

The fact could be given the large area within which this groups operates, the number of soldiers needed to continue fighting and holding the erractic BH fighters at bay in conquered cities is not readily available. The military is involved in over 20 other states in the country and regardless of funding you can’t create good fighting men on cue. You need long term planning to get more men with good abilities in place and given further constraints in facilities for training and development, the Military is restrained from getting as much men, it needs to pursue its plans effectively.

In a period like these, thinking out of the box should become the new policy thrust. The military needs support from other security agencies in the country to achieve its aims and reduce operational bottlenecks it faces now. The Nigeria Police Force has over 390000 men in its arsenal, they are all averagely trained in basic offence, defense, intelligence gathering and other security maneuvers needed to secure and maintain a liberated city from being overrun while the troop moves on with conquest of newer territories.

The need to secure liberated areas become more important so as not to alienate locals who are easily worn out with repeated gun fights on their lands. Most civilians want to live their lives without any form of stress. Wars results in unwanted collateral damages which cannot be justified to victims families. Repeated engagements ultimately always create unnecessary enmity from locals. Winning the hearts of the locals has been championed by British and US armies in areas of conflict globally to reduce indoctrination and radicalization of locals by extremists.

To win this war of ideas against the Boko Haram, there should be a complementary force deployed to maintain and secure liberated town from being overrun and becoming battle areas again. The numbers if IDPs in Nigeria kept increasing while resources to maintain them are winning, clearly lives in those IDP camps are far below national average.

The IDP camps might become the new grounds for indoctrination and radicalization given the high level of suffering and lacks being experienced in those places. It is our job to as fast as practicable create safe haven for these people return to their homes. The reconstruction and rehabilitation of these towns with direct supports of the displaced groups from these areas will go along way in creating a job for the displaced through direct labour in building their own homes.

The Presidential Initiatives of North East and other programme designed to rehabilitate Northeast should refrain from being a normal government taskforce, always with all the answers. They could break the IDPs into groups based on areas they come from and design for them cooperatives to use direct labour in building and resettlement of their own people using states approved funding.

These methods has been employed in Italy to resettle victims of Mafia attacks and other victimised. Government indirect approach to help will create better cohesion amongst returnees as they systematically design and implement a proper framework for a workable society. Imposing order on people has bee known to lead to dissidence.

The need for newer training for a new policing structure in these newly liberated cities should be encouraged. The recruitment and use of locals as policing authorities could be experimented. The IGP could be prevailed upon to directly recruit and train special squads from current Civilian JTF and deploy under management of seasoned police officers to manage and secure these liberated town. The new force aside from understanding the challenges of the people, should be able to tactically withstand attacks from Book Haram insurgent when needed and design a proper security mix that will reduce infiltration from extremists as a kind of early warning system.

Intelligence driven security system, could be arranged covertly turning these areas into a highly policed environments thereby increasing exposure for budding radicals. Increased security patrols has been successful even in Pakistan and Iraqi where insurgency has become a way of life.

Education of locals using NGOs, CBOs and FBOs should be a major thrust of public spendings immediately. Education authorities should deaignate these areas as education emergencies which could be handled by locally approved educators and leaders. Government may direct one third of current military spending on CVE towards these projects to give it real bite. Youth and women development groups and associations should be formed to improve youth access to government resources and youth working in groups with state supports.

Funding for agricultural and basic start up investments could be specially designed for youth and farming cooperatives in resettlement areas. Local FBOs could be used to manage and dispense these loans on behalf of the state. Education of these startup owners could also be designed as conditions for loans.

Regardless of any other form of challenges northeast must return to its glorious past, we all have to collectively work to put an end to current hemorrhage of our collective Commonwealth currently going on in the area. God help Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Don Michael Adeniji. MA, Fpnm

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The most important external variable to the success of your business is whether or not you had great parents. But you can’t do anything about that. The next most important? Having the right deals in place, at the right times. No one has the team, the resources and the reach to succeed by themselves. Well-constructed partnerships, carefully structured joint ventures, and timely endorsements help a start-up build its brand, credibility, momentum and customer base.

Business success is based on the kind of deal and agreements you reach while doing these businesses. Multi-million Dollars business has been known to fail based on small errors in negotiations. When you make a deal, the deal should favour you and the other party or else one of you might pull out of the deal when they meet better options from other parties.

The best possible outcome in any deal making or negotiation is when both parties feel that they have gained more than they have given away, and more than if they had not entered into a negotiation in the first place. Conflict arises after agreements whenever people leave a meeting feeling quite unsatisfied with the outcomes. This means you have to create a bigger pie than the one that is being discussed. You are a dry cleaner; to build your business you need to create personal touch beyond cleaning peoples clothe. Several dry cleaners have clothes mending departments that help replaces lost buttons, small tears and other challenges to the cloth. Many do home pick ups and deliveries. I even know a mobile car wash firm that visits your house to clean your car. They are adding values to their products and the customers are exposed to better services.

Either you are looking for a job, selling a product or trying to win a contract; people tends to concentrate only on the benefit at hand and never looked beyond these to create newer benefits that could enhance current situations. In every situation where we need to influence the other party the ball is always in our court to make the meeting so valuable that the other party will always remember our offer because it goes beyond his plan before sitting with us. Let them leave the meeting with newer and more productive suggestions and your name will always be on the lips of the other party.

In job interviews, the stated qualifications are there, but the interviewer is looking for something unique, that extra thing that will stand the final candidate out amongst the crowd of applicants. Being prepared through understanding of the other party needs is important. Study widely and reflect on the undeclared needs of the other party before any meeting.

Understand the real needs of the client and fit your pitch towards what will satisfy that need

When Bill Gates was trying to establish Internet Explorer as the dominant browser against strong competition from Netscape, the industry-standard browser – based on what was, at the time, superior software. AOL was looking for a technically outstanding browser and Netscape was the obvious partner, with Microsoft’s prospects for winning over AOL in favour of Explorer looking bleak.

However, when studying the needs and desires of AOL, it became apparent to Gates that AOL’s ultimate goal was to increase market share, and he was able to use this knowledge to reframe the negotiation. Instead of ‘who has the best browser?’ the negotiation became about ‘who can best help AOL achieve its ultimate goal of increasing market share and profits?’

Microsoft then made two big offers. It offered to provide an improved Explorer to AOL free of charge and, also, to bundle AOL’s client software with the next version of its Windows operating system; the AOL logo would sit next to the MSN logo for Microsoft’s own online service. No longer would AOL have to spend $40 to $80 per customer by sending millions of promotional disks through the post. Gates effectively changed the set-up for the negotiation.

Bill Gates Goals:

  • Establish Internet Explorer as the most dominant browser in the world.
  • Upstage Netscape the already established browser in the industry

AOL Goals:

  • Technical out standing browser for its expansion project

Bill Gates offer avoided discussing the issues about the best browser in the market, but offered AOL something they really wanted; a bigger market share at no cost to AOL to win the deal.


Always look for other areas to add value to your interviewer or the other party, don’t get stuck on the main issues at play. Look at other values that could improve the relationship. In 2016 when my company was negotiating for the contract with Civil Defence to train over one million private security guards in Nigeria. There were over 10 international training companies competing for this consultancy, Mine was the least qualified based on the fact that our company was barely six months old and we were bidding against well grounded and tested firms from England and US.

Our presentation was basic and based on the paper experiences of the directors and no   reference, the only thing that got us the job was the fact that we introduce a free 3 days training for the Civil Defence itself as part of our presentation. We refused to discuss our competence, as we know that we have no clear advantage here, but come and see what we can do and pronto the job was for us.

While negotiating with the government of an African country to run for them a customised version of the Oxford Programme on Negotiation. Oxford University Executive Programme (Said Business School) offered the cabinet secretary a free place on the programme so that he could determine its suitability. The value to him of this offer was five days of executive education worth £7,500, free of charge except for his airfare and accommodation. The cost to the School of having one extra person in the class was zero, as it makes no material difference to Oxford whether they are teaching 35 or 36 people. Rarely will the difference be this pronounced, but value can be created whenever two parties perceive different values and costs for the same item.

Deal With Emotions.

Most decision making are illogical and emotionally based. Jim Camp attest to the fact that decision making is mostly based on emotions of the parties involved. Being logical might not be the solution to getting the best deals. We have to always acknowledge and never fail to address the “big elephant” in the room. A June 2014 work on Emotion and Decision Making” submitted to the Journals on Annual Review of Psychology by Jennifer S. Lerner, Harvard University; Ye Li,  University of California, Riverside; Piercarlo Valdesolo, Claremont McKenna College; and Karim Kassam, Carnegie Mellon University, concluded that “emotion and decision making go hand in hand”.    Understanding and managing parties emotions will surely enhance easy discussions and understanding, thereby making agreements easier.