US university’s 44th list of words it would like to banish


Lake Superior State University’s 44th annual list of words nominated for banishment by members of the public:


— In the books

— Wrap my head around

— Platform

— Collusion

— OTUS family of acronyms (such as POTUS, FLOTUS, SCOTUS)

— Ghosting

— Yeet

— Litigate

— Grapple

— Eschew

— Crusty

— Optics

— Legally drunk

–Thought leader

— Unpack

— Importantly

— Accoutrements

— Most important election of our time

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Day 17 of 30 Days of Breakthrough — She Dances Over Graves

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If you’ve ever suffered the loss of someone dear to you, you know how deep and dark the journey of grief can be. But here is a young woman who pressed through that deep darkness until she found treasure, which she has brought back to share with all of us…

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