Senior Pastor Stabbed to Death during Church Service


Their was commotion at the Central Assemblies of God Church after a senior pastor was stabbed to death during church service.

The shocking incident happened on Sunday (today) at Tema Community 4 in Ghana.

According to media reports, the deceased pastor identified as Rev. Dr. David Nabegmado was attacked while preparing to leave his inner office to the main church auditorium to preach as Service was ongoing.

Ghanaian Pastor Stabbed To Death By Nephew During Church Service (Photos)

He was allegedly attacked by his nephew in his office and was rushed to a nearby medical facility for treatment and died hours later.

It was gathered that his nephew, Francis M.Nabegmado who lived with him for some time, has been identified as a key suspect in the gruesome murder and has been arrested by the police.

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A second suspect has also been arrested and being interrogated by the police.

The deceased was accosted by the suspect while moving from the church office into the main auditorium for the day’s service at about 9am.


Lagos Pastor Arrested For Propagating Hate Speech


Police in Lagos have arrested a 35-year-old Chris Mordi, of the Miracle of Fires Ministry, Langbasa, Ajah, Lagos, for allegedly propagating hate speech in the state.

The Commissioner of Police in the state, Edgal Imohimi, disclosed this to newsmen, stressing that the suspect was arrested on May 5 at Ado Road, Langbasa area of Ajah in Lagos.

Edgal said that the Pastor was arrested allegedly while in possession of an inciting publication titled: “Beware of Catholic Women Organisation (CWO) and Knights of the Catholic for they are occultic.”

He said that the pastor had invited his church members for a programme where he was to make a public pronouncement on the issue before the publications were intercepted on May 5.

“This is a case of insult to religion and propagation of hate speech which contravene Sections 124 and 168 of the Criminal Laws of Lagos State 2015.

“This should be a lesson to be imbibed by all religious leaders. We must encourage and preach religious tolerance,” he said.

He said that the clergyman would be charged to court for alleged hate speech and religious intolerance.

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Church Pastor, Sam Kayode Jailed For Stealing N2BN (£4M) From The School He Worked For

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A crooked school accountant faces an extra eight years in prison unless he pays almost £3million in ten days.,Philandering part-time church pastor Sam Kayode, 61, was jailed in 2016 for nine years for taking £4million from the Haberdashers’ Aske’s state school chain. The married father of four, who had three mistresses, tried to blame the theft on his late wife Grace and a young assistant, claiming they had transferred money to his account in a bid to smear him over his adulteries. 

Now his sentence has been almost doubled after barrister James Thacker, acting for the Crown Prosecution Service’s specialist fraud division, told a proceeds of crime confiscation hearing that he had spirited away around £3million, probably to Nigeria and Dubai.

Sam Kayode, pictured outside Woolwich Crown Court, was told to pay back £3million or face a further eight years in jail

The lovers he showered with gifts might also face legal action.

The hearing at Woolwich Crown Court earlier this month was told that after Kayode joined Haberdashers’ Aske’s in 1997, it expanded enormously and embraced ‘academy’ reforms that gave schools more control over their finances.

Judge Nicholas Heathcote Williams said in his new judgment: ‘Over nearly seven years Kayode stole and defrauded over £4million from Haberdashers’ by transferring money from their account to his and his wife Grace’s.’

His boss, chief financial officer Paul Durgan, failed to notice any money was missing. Kayode was caught only when a school cleaner spotted bank account statements in his office.

The accountant earned £57,000 a year for his work at the chain’s south-east London schools, but drove a fleet of cars including several Mercedes, an Audi TT and a £40,000 Infiniti, carried a £1,500 Louis Vuitton briefcase and wore £500 Gucci shoes.

He has stopped claiming that his crimes were carried out by his late wife, who died of cancer in 2013 aged 53, and a junior employee.

Haberdashers’ has recovered £571,000 from the sale of flats and houses he owned, but at least £2.75million remains potentially recoverable.

Kayode was told that if he does not pay it all back by the end of this month he will be given an extra eight years.

The judge said: ‘The defendant is a very selfish, greedy and dishonest man. His evidence has been characterised by pauses – while he is clearly calculating, not always accurately, what answers will help him and he may get away with – and by grudging, evasive replies.’

The court heard more than £1million of the missing money was funnelled to Nigeria, where his ‘second wife or girlfriend’ Olubunmi ‘Bunmi’ Halima, 35, managed his business. He gave £266,000 to Halima, more than £77,000 to a second girlfriend Yetunde Turtak in Dartford, Kent, and hundreds of thousands more to relatives and friends in Nigeria.

Judge Heathcote Williams said he doubted every word but it ‘provides a clue where some of the hidden assets are’. A third alleged mistress, Toyin Lawal, 52, of Northfleet, Kent, told the Daily Mail they were not lovers and Kayode simply paid a month’s rent for her when he was a church pastor.

Police took almost three years to charge Kayode after he was caught, giving him plenty of time to hide his fortune.

Mr Durgan, who failed to spot his employee’s fraud, went on to be hired by the auditors who missed the crime, then worked for another school chain.

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US pastor on trial for alleged terror ties, spying in Turkey

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US pastor on trial for alleged terror ties, spying in Turkey by By ZEYNEP BILGINSOY, Associated Press

© The Associated Press FILE - In this undated file photo, Andrew Brunson, an American pastor, stands in Izmir, Turkey. The trial of an American pastor imprisoned in Turkey, whose case is part of the quagmire

© The Associated Press FILE – In this undated file photo, Andrew Brunson, an American pastor, stands in Izmir, Turkey. The trial of an American pastor imprisoned in Turkey, whose case is part of the quagmire

ISTANBUL — An American pastor imprisoned in Turkey is going on trial for alleged terror ties and spying in a case that has increased tensions between Washington and Ankara.

Andrew Craig Brunson, an evangelical pastor from North Carolina, is facing 35 years in prison on charges of “committing crimes on behalf of terror groups without being a member” and “espionage.” The trial begins Monday in western Izmir province.

He was arrested in December 2016 for alleged links to both an outlawed Kurdish insurgent group and the network of the U.S.-based Muslim cleric who Turkey blames for a masterminding a failed military coup that year. The cleric, Fethullah Gulen, denies the claim.

Brunson has denied all allegations and maintains that he solely worked as a pastor

American officials have repeatedly requested that Brunson be released. In a meeting last year with his Turkish counterpart, President Donald Trump asked that the government “expeditiously” return the pastor to the U.S. But the appeals have not made much headway.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan fired back at Washington in September, demanding that the U.S. first return Gulen.

“You give him to us and we’ll give you this one,” he said, referring to Brunson.

Turkey has submitted an extradition request to the U.S. for Gulen, who lives in Pennsylvania, but so far it not been granted — a point that festers in the Turkish government, which has hunted down tens of thousands of alleged Gulen supporters and either imprisoned them or fired them from government jobs.

Brunson, 50, has been living in Turkey for 23 years and served as the pastor of Izmir Resurrection Church with a small Protestant congregation. The pastor was first detained in October 2016 with his wife, Norine Brunson, who was later released.

The Izmir prosecutor’s indictment against Brunson claims he was in contact with top-level executives of Gulen’s network and the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party, or PKK. Both are designated terror groups in Turkey. Brunson is accused of acting in “parallel and coordinated fashion” with them, aiming to “divide” the country.

The prosecutor also accuses Brunson of espionage, saying Brunson acted “as an agent of unconventional warfare,” gathering intelligence with religious work as his cover. The indictment — based on the testimonies of witnesses, including three secret ones, and alleged digital evidence — claims the pastor worked to convert Kurds to Christianity to sow discord.

The American Center for Law and Justice, a conservative Christian group in the U.S. lobbying for Brunson’s release, has called him a “hostage of the Turkish government.” A petition has garnered more than half a million signatures, stating that the case was putting Christianity on trial.