Coming between Cardi B and Offsets

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Let’s give Cardi B a minute

Analysis by Lisa Respers France, CNN

(CNN) Before you tweet me asking, “Why is Cardi B’s marital split news?” I will beat you to the punch and say it’s not, really.Cardi shot to the top of Twitter trends Wednesday after she announced her split from husband and fellow rapper Offset on Instagram. 

NEW YORK, NY – SEPTEMBER 06: A model prepares backstage for the Jeremy Scott show during New York Fashion Week: The Shows at Gallery I at Spring Studios on September 6, 2018 in New York City. (Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images for NYFW: The Shows)

I’m shocked by how shocked peo

ple are that Cardi B and Offset broke up— bilal (@ziadehb) December 5, 2018

Sad to hear Cardi B has split from Offset. I genuinely thought that one was going to work out.— FIGHTING POLYGON TEAM (@connorarose) December 5, 2018

Yall really cant sit here and tell me you could handle Cardi B for more than 20 minutes. Imagine hearing that voice every time you woke up lol Offset should get a Nobel peace prize for making it this long— 🇺🇸 Trev 🇿🇦 (@trevcannon) December 5, 2018

Celebrity couples who eventual break up is almost a given these days, unless they are in the rarefied air of a few. (You have the power to destroy us Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, so please keep hanging in there.)Cardi has earned her right to grieve the end of her year-long marriage in private, should she so choose.But given Offset’s success as a member of the rap group Migos and Cardi’s rapid rise as a solo artist, interest is understandable.”There’s been a lot of good and bad in Cardi B’s personal life this year,” Jason Lipshutz, editorial director at Billboard told CNN. “I don’t think it diminishes from the fact she’s had one of the biggest breakthrough years in hip-hop history and in recent popular music memory.”As the first female MC to top the Billboard 100 in almost 20 years, (Lauryn Hill last did it in 1998 with “Doo-Wop (That Thing)”) and the first woman to chart their first three entries in the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs’ Top 10 simultaneously, it would seem like Cardi has worked hard enough to earn a pass on the mountain of speculation that is sure to come in the wake of her marriage.

An unlikely career

This is a woman who has already beaten the odds on so many levels.Belcalis Almanzar (Cardi’s birth name) took the Cinderella story of a stripper who hits the big time and flipped it on its head.She defied the Hollywood trope of the stripper waiting for a knight in shining armor to take her off the pole. Cardi did it herself, through shear determination.She first came to fame on the VH1 reality series “Love & Hip Hop: New York.”The future star was loud, combative and in your face about everything — from her exotic dancing to her then imprisoned boyfriend, identified only as “Tommy” on the show.In other words, authentically Cardi B.Who is Cardi B?She was far from polished, which is one of the things viewers loved — and continue to love — about her.In one memorable scene from Season 6 of “Love & Hip Hop: New York,” tensions between Cardi and the girlfriend of a fellow cast member boiled over and resulted in Cardi uttering one of the show’s most memorable lines.


The Hardest Part About Being A Newly Single Mom (& How To Deal With It) -Your Tango

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newly single mom who just got divorced


Every divorced mom goes through this.

Being a single mom, you want to be happy and provide a safe home but usually, don’t know how to keep yourself feeling positive. You don’t really believe you will be happy and don’t know how to deal with providing for everything you know you need for your kids.

The hardest part about being a single mom is knowing that hope and dreams are possible even in the face of tremendous fear. And the way to deal with that part is to surround yourself with those who feel the same way. Your community — including your children — are the seeds of possibility.

Leaving a marriage, there’s always this combination of fear and excitement —  whether you wanted out or not.

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Both are valid — the dreams pull you out of marriage, the fears keep you from falling fast. Most women just want to be happy and be able to provide a safe home. They want to rush to the end of the story.

But they don’t know how to keep themselves feeling positive. They don’t believe they’ll be truly happy with all of the stress. They don’t know how to provide financially for themselves way too often, and they’re worried about their kids.

For many single moms, those dreams usually include (fingers crossed) a new home filled with hope, joy, even happiness if possible. Maybe a new lover. A place for dreams to come true. However, in the beginning, chaos and confusion typically reign as a single mom does her very best to set up a new home for her children.

The familiar rules which kept two adults parenting together fall away in the face of just kids and mom. There’s this intense sense of not knowing what’s going on or what to do first. One of the hardest parts of being a single mom is believing that you’ve got this in midst of the fear, that you and your children will manage, figure things out, and even thrive.

Chaos and confusion are at the root of what it takes to create a home filled with hope and dreams. You cannot create possibility out of a broken framework.

A marriage between a mother and father that didn’t hold together is a broken framework. So at first, you will feel as if everything is falling apart and you don’t know what you’re doing. And you don’t. Actually, you can’t. Your kids don’t know what to expect and neither do you.

Happiness and joy can come out of that chaos.

Without it, you can’t begin to create your new home. Your new home is built on top of this new family structure, and together you and your children, are the ones who have to make it work. And that’s never easy.

To believe in possibility, new dreams, even new love requires accepting how to deal with this part of separation. You will be in chaos and confusion until you accept and deal with recreating your rules, boundaries, and self-discipline in the face of pain, upset, expenses, and single-parenting. The moment is difficult and I wish I could tell you differently.

Those who set up any other unrealistic expectations in their new household — any sort of perfection really — like some super strict “family rule” guidelines, are setting themselves up for denial and dysfunction.

No one goes through a divorce without having to deal with a broken heart. Not adults. Not children. And perfection or guidelines requiring 100 percent compliance without compassion fall short of dealing.

Surrounding yourself with people who not only grasp this reality but also support your efforts to deal with it is paramount. You cannot do it alone. You also cannot do it the way you used to when you were married and supposedly in a good place.

That looks like leaning into new friends, finding a new community filled with compassion instead of judgment, and being with those who understand what you’re up against.

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Creating hope out of a broken heart is the stuff dreams are made of.

Because creating hope and possibility out of the old set of rules, listening to the old criticism and being immersed in self-incrimination, judgment or despair doesn’t work.

To develop emotional resilience and hope means that you have to take a step away from your past and surround yourself with faith in possibility. No matter what you may be thinking, this kind of faith demands acceptance and compassion.

Forgiveness even. It has more to do with a bigger perspective, filled with the possibility that it has to do with hanging onto what you’ve known or are used to from the past.

This takes faith and courage and so much more. It’s saying “no” to answering every single text 24/7 no matter how difficult it is to resist. It’s about letting a few things slide (in my home, kids aren’t required to make their beds anymore).

It’s about a no-lying policy at my house. It’s about deleting those who are critical of me and my parenting style from my contact list no matter how many memories we once shared.

It was about allowing myself to change how I parent as a single mom instead of taking on a more limiting set of rules and guidelines. In fact, it was all about opening up to possibilities — a bigger perspective.

In the chaos and confusion inherent in the lifestyle shift, you may be unsure of how to do these things despite trying your hardest. That’s where finding a new community becomes mandatory.

Honestly, I would not be where I am today without my new support structure. I’m not saying to get rid of those who are your champions. However, I am saying, quite emphatically, in fact, to find a new group to help you on your way to your life filled with dreams.

In order to find a new support structure, you need to step into faith. And, it takes courage to do just that.

As you start your new lifestyle as a single mom, you’ll most likely pull in. You’ll be ashamed, scared, and unsure, even though you’re doing your best. But trusting others is the furthest thing from your mind.

I totally get that! The hardest part of being a single mom is to believe you’re worthy of a new group of positive, kind, and compassionate people. When you look for them though, they may be hard to see.

I had to look a long time. Unfortunately, it took a while, filled with trial and error, to find my new community. I thought it looked like my old life, my old kind of friends, my old type of lovers.

Boy, was I wrong!

Look for a new support structure. 

Surrounding yourself with compassionate, supportive, action-oriented, that kind of kick in your butt with love sort of support doesn’t come naturally when you’re feeling alone and isolated in chaos and confusion. It takes some work. So don’t give up!

Try not to confuse that effort with falling in love or getting that promotion at work. Or evengetting away from that other parent, however much that is driving you.

Those steps are a part of the overall healing but not the kind of support that will help you develop true faith and courage in yourself as a single mom. In some ways, those steps are like candy. Or they’re the sprinkles on the frosting, not the ingredients of a dream life.

Only those who have been where you are will know that. At first, it’s easy to get confused by distractions.

At first, the hardest part about being a single mom is going to be the self-discipline to find a part of you willing and able to shift.

To realize that even with all the work you’ve done being a single mom (and I know you’ve done a ton of work already) there’s still room for more. And you’re worthy of opening up to it. You’re even worthy of having your dreams made possible. And you’re especially worthy of happiness and love.

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Laura Bonarrigo is a Certified Life Coach and a Certified Divorce Coach. She is a writer, public speaker, and the founder of doingDivorce School, an online coaching program for those ready to shed the pain of divorce. For empowering and practical ways to lose the identity of your past, visither website.

30 Best Sex Games To Kink Up A Stale Marriage

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best sex games

Do you want to play a game?

Marriages aren’t easy to keep fresh. After being with the same person for so many years, it’s easy to feel a bit bored. However, that doesn’t mean that you should walk away. It just means that you should do something to spice things up.

If you’re looking for new ways to get kinky in the bedroom, trying some of the best sex games like the ones below are a perfect way to do it.

1. Truth or Dare

This age-old game might have been the thing of middle school parties, but if you start asking sexual and kinky questions, it quickly becomes an amazing way to get to know your partner on a whole new level.

2. X Marks the Spot

If you’ve been wanting to have your partner kiss a certain part of your body, this is a great way to get them to do it. With this, your partner has to keep kissing you until they find the place you’re thinking about. Once they kiss you there, you both win.

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3. Nookii

This is a sex game you can find on Amazon, and it’s pretty good as far as purchasable games go. As the name suggests, the idea behind Nookii is to take you through foreplay, heat things up, and get you ready for a mind-blowing final event. (You can thank me later.)

(Buy it on Amazon, $49.95)

4. Netflix and Thrills

Okay, for this one, you don’t actually need Netflix. You might need an erotic site, though. This kinky game is all about giving oral sex to your partner while they watch steamy content to see how long they can make it before they beg for sex.

5. XXXopoly

XXXopoly might be a funny riff on Monopoly, but it’s still one of the best sex games you can find on Amazon. Each square you land on has you doing a sexy little thing, and if you’re not up for it, you have to pay a fine.

Frankly, this might be a better game than the original. Unlike Monopoly, which typically causes arguments, everyone walks away feeling like a winner.

(Buy it on Amazon, $29.95)

6. Mirror, Mirror

Fans of mutual masturbation and voyeurism will love this one. Basically, you sit across from your partner and start masturbating in front of them. They do the same, and match your pace. This idea behind this is to both cross the finish line together.

7. I Do, You Do

If you want to be a better guide for your partner, this is the best sex game to try. With this, you show your partner exactly what you want them to do to you, and they return the favor. Do this for a while, and you can expect better sex for a longer period of time.

8. Love Is Art

This isn’t a game, per se, but you can get those kits at UncommonGoods. This kit allows you to cover yourself in paint while you’re doing the nasty — and make a work of art using it.

(Buy it on UncommonGoods, starting at $36)

9. Kama Sutra Cards of the Day

You can pick up a deck of these in Barnes and Noble, or really anywhere. This sex game basically has you remove a card from the deck and act out what’s on the card. It’s simple, easy, and very useful if you’re tired of doggy style for the 50th time in a row.

(Buy it on, $9.95)

10. Sex Dice

Some adore them, some can’t stand them, but we’d by lying if we said that they don’t kink up a stale marriage pretty well. They’re one of the oldest sex games out there, but they’re tried and true for a reason.

(Buy it on Amazon, $14.95)

11. The “No Hands” Orgasm Race

Looking to spice things up and show how fast you can orgasm? As the name suggests, this game is all about showing who can cross the finish line first — without using your hands!

12. Oh! Lucky You Scratch Cards

Love the lottery? Well, unlike the ones that promise millions of dollars, everyone’s a winner with these cute cards. Every heart you scratch off has a naughty thing you need to do in order to win the game — and everyone is a winner here. You can actually get the tools to make your own on Amazon.

(Buy it on Amazon, $9.90)

13. Who Does It Better?

If you’re really kinky and have decided to start swinging in your marriage, you might want to try this one. You’ll need a third partner. There will be two competitors and a “judge.”

To do this epic sex game, two partners give the judge oral sex — and the judge figures out who wins. Obviously, this can have jealousy as an issue. However, if you’re into cuckqueaning or cuckolding, it’s an amazing game to play.

14. 7 Minutes in Heaven

This high school classic is pretty self-explanatory, but if you’re looking for sex games to kink up a stale marriage, it works wonders. To get real thrills, try playing this at the next party you’re at.

15. Strip Poker

Much like a lot of the other “classic” games on this list, strip poker is pretty easy to understand and play. To kink it up a notch, make one of the rules of the game be that the loser has to make the winner orgasm after they lose.

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16. 30 Seconds

30 Seconds is one of the many sex games that’s meant to be foreplay to the main event. The idea behind it is that you only get 30 seconds to give as much pleasure as possible to your partner. Can you beat the clock and give them a Big O? You’re going to have to find out!

17. Sex Stack

Sex Stack is what happens when sex games happen to classic party games like Jenga. Just like the old-school bar favorite, the goal of this game is to not have the tower collapse on you while you’re removing the blocks. However, each block has a unique foreplay move you also have to perform — and some of them will really surprise you.

(Buy it on Amazon, $25)

18. Guess The Sex Toy

Blindfold your partner, use a sex toy on them, and have them guess which one it is. It’s simple, fun, and kinky.

19. Role-play Roulette

This one is simple but totally epic if you’re a fan of role-playing. Come up with a bunch of different role play situations, and write them on slips of paper. Put them in a bag, and find out which kinky situation you have to act out next.

20. Low Key Fantasy

Are you afraid to tell your partner what you want in person? This might be good if you’re coy about asking up front. Write a bunch of fantasies on a deck of cards, and ask them to pick one. Then, act out the fantasy that’s written there.

21. Play Prisoner

For this sex game, you’ll need a safe word. You then will need to tie your partner to a bed and blindfold him. Then, have your way with him in any means you find necessary.

22. Delivery Dare

Feeling hungry and have a friend who’s willing to help? Get your partner to call up the local “delivery place,” and then go down on them. Tell them to keep talking as if nothing’s happening while you’re performing. If they can place an order, you pay for lunch.

23. Follow the Trail

This is a classic sex game if ever there was one. Set up a scavenger hunt for your partner to complete or get a trail of rose petals to lead to the bedroom, with you as the final “prize.”

24. Never Have I Ever

Been dying to try this one wild act, but never did it before? Never Have I Ever is way easy to play, and all you need to do is say the things you’ve never done that you want to do. This will jog your partner’s imagination, and also get you lucky afterwards.

25. Master Says

BDSM fans, unite. For this game, one of you is the Master and the other is the sub. Master Says is just like Simon Says, except kinkier and it has sexual connotations. If you don’t do what Master says, you might end up getting spanked. (Note: Safe words are encouraged, here!)

26. Which Would You Rather?

If you’re looking to just start exploring your partner’s kinky side, asking them these questions would be a good start. Come up with 20 questions of what they’d rather do in bed, and use that information a little later.

27. Monkey See, Monkey Do

Voyeurs will love this. For this, you’re going to need a favorite set of sex clips. The object of this sex game is to copy what they’re doing — position, mood, and everything else — while watching the video.

28. Distract Me

Ever wanted to see how much of a distraction you can be to your partner? For this game, your partner will do a regular day-to-day activity. Your goal is to distract them and turn them on until they no longer can perform that task.

29. Mute Button

Is your partner loud in bed? This game will be a challenge! The idea behind this game is to keep your partner as quiet as possible while you do naughty things to them. If they are able to stay silent after they cross the finish line, make sure to give them a prize. If they can’t, stop what you’re doing, then start again.

30. Naked Twister

You know how you can get Twister on Amazon and make it seem innocent? Well, it wasn’t always that way. This was one of the top sex games of the 60s and 70s, and for good reason. It lets you stay limber, show off your body, and maybe find a new sex position, too. As with many other swinger-friendly games, the more, the merrier with this one.

(Buy it on Amazon, $19.99)

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Ossiana Tepfenhart is a Jack-of-all-trades writer based out of Red Bank, New Jersey. When she’s not writing, she’s drinking red wine and chilling with some cool cats. You can follow her @bluntandwitty on Twitter.

#BBNaija: “Why a relationship with Alex will not work” – Tobi

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Ex-Big Brother Naija 2018 housemate, Tobi has stated he doesn’t see a relationship with Alex working at the moment. The former investment banker revealed this while speaking with BBN host, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu on Channels ‘Rubbing Minds’. According to Tobi, there’s a lot of pressure from fans for them to start a relationship but it isn’t […]

Oprah Winfrey: Why I never married my partner of 31 years

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Oprah Winfrey om why she never married Graham Stedman |

Oprah Winfrey, a veteran talk show host, has said she would have divorced if she was married.

Winfrey, who was a victim of sexual abuse as a child, revealed this in an interview with Vogue.

The media mogul and her boyfriend Stedman Graham have been together since 1986 — but they’ve never been married.

When the subject matter was broached during the interview, she said, “Nobody believes it, but it’s true. The only time I brought it up was when I said to Stedman, ‘What would have happened if we had actually gotten married?

“And the answer is: ‘We wouldn’t be together.’ We would not have stayed together, because marriage requires a different way of being in this world.

“His interpretation of what it means to be a husband and what it would mean for me to be a wife would have been pretty traditional, and I would not have been able to fit into that.”

Winfrey was engaged to be married to Stedman, an educator and businessman, in 1996 but they ditched the plan and settled for a “spiritual union”.

Several years ago, there were widespread rumours that Winfrey and Gayle King, television personality, were in a gay relationship. Both women have repeatedly denied being in a romantic affair.

Winfrey and King have been best friends for decades.

5 Truths about God’s Design for Sex in Marriage – Bonny @OysterBed7


Bonny.jpgLiving in an over-sexualized culture, we hear messages about sex, wrong messages.  These messages become more a part of us than God’s truth because we hear them repetitively and churches are scared to address sexuality.

For too long, I believed the world’s message about sex.  That it’s a superficial, feel-good avenue to self-satisfaction.  Wrong, partly.  God did design sex to feel good!

But, there is more than that.  He designed it for profound spiritual, physical, and emotional connection.  It is just a shadow of things to come.

God’s design of sex is too amazing to keep silent about.

Here are five truths about God’s design of sex in marriage.

God designed sex to be bonding.

Not only spiritually bonding, but emotionally and physically.  When the two become one flesh, biochemicals are released in our bodies like oxytocin and dopamine.  Oxytocin, especially, is a bonding chemical.  When I embraced this truth and started engaging in the marriage bed more, the tone of our marriage completely changed.

“This is why a man leaves his father and mother and bonds with his wife, and they become one flesh,” Genesis 2:24 (NIV).

God designed sex for both husband and wife to experience pleasure.

It’s an equal opportunity activity.  Why else would there be a clitoris?  It’s only function is for pleasure.  The Song of Solomon is full of beautiful poetic language about the pleasures of physical love for both spouses.

If one spouse struggles with the ultimate moment, there are Christian resources available to help the couple understand how to achieve mutual enjoyment.

“The mandrakes send out their fragrance, and at our door is every delicacy, both new and old, that I have stored up for you, my beloved,” Song of Solomon 7:13 (NIV).

God designed sex so that we would know yearning.

Before you were married, you yearned for your fiancé.  Not only did you crave your fiance’s touch, you craved his/her presence and knowing him/her better.  Even after years of marriage, it is good to remember this yearning.  It mirrors how God desires us to yearn for him.  I believe this is one reason he frequently uses the marriage as a symbol of his relationship with us throughout the Bible.

“Or do you think Scripture says without reason that he jealously longs for the spirit he has caused to dwell in us?” James 4:5 (NIV).

God designed the marriage bed to be a place to show the fruit of the Spirit.

Peace, patience, love, joy, gentleness, kindness, faithfulness, goodness, and self-control are the foundation of all Christian life, especially the marriage bed.  All conflict surrounding the marriage bed can be managed through employing these key traits.

My own marriage endured a long season of mismatched sex drives.  It was through these qualities and some wise communication tools that we overcame our conflict.

God designed sex as a powerful mystery.

Biblical stories of sex often confused me when I was young.  There was some nasty stuff in the old testament, the rape of Dinah, Lot and his daughters, the men of Gibeah clammering for the male visitor, Leviticus 20.  And yet, there is the beautiful Song of Solomon.  The New Testament seemed to prefer celibacy, to be honest.  As a teenager, I couldn’t understand why I liked thinking about sex if it was disgraceful and violent.

But, as an adult, I realized the stories were teaching me that sexual intimacy is powerful and mysterious.  It’s OK not to have it all figured out, as long as you respect the power it holds to do good when it is aligned with God’s perfect design.

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, declares the Lord. As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts,” Isaiah 55:8-9.

Final Thoughts

Don’t let the world’s message of cheap sex destroy the meaningful sex in your marriage.  Sex may only be a small portion of the whole of your marriage.  However, sex matters.  It especially matters if one spouse is more interested than the other.  When we ignore its power and importance in marriage, the relationship suffers.

Now, granted chronic health issues can affect sexual function and that’s a more complicated story.


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