CONGRATS! Alaafin Of Oyo, Lamidi Adeyemi Set To Hold Naming Ceremony Of His 2 Sets Of Twins Same Day

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CONGRATS! Alaafin Of Oyo, Lamidi Adeyemi Set To Hold Naming Ceremony Of His 2 Sets Of Twins Same Day

 The naming ceremony of 80-year-old Alaafin of Oyo’s two sets of twins will be held next weekend, Sunday, April 22.

Mothers of the twins, Olori Memunat and Olori Badirat Olaitan shared the details on Instagram.


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‘I’m interested in the voice as author, as witness, as conduit, as ventriloquist’ – the artist speaks about what comes next with Chris Fite-Wassilak of Frieze.

You can feel history seeping through the gaps in the videos, performances and installations of British artist Helen Cammock. Drawing from a range of sources – at points including the Caribbean sugar trade, black choreographers of the 1940s, blues music, Enoch Powell, Franz Fanon and the relationship between her Jamaican father and British mother – Cammock traces how power relationships emerge from the smallest and most intimate of details. The winner of this year’s Max Mara Art Prize for Women, the London-based artist discusses with Chris Fite-Wassilak her plans for the near future.

Chris Fite-WassilakThe Max Mara Prize involves a six-month residency in Italy. What do you plan to do during this time?

Helen Cammock  I have this notion of exploring lament across the whole project in Italy, specifically listening to the female voice. This listening will cross centuries in different settings, voices and mediums. I’ll be having singing lessons, to enable me to develop a performance around the 17th century pre-opera lament, and I will conduct historical research in institutions in Bologna, Rome and Venice, meeting academics, musicians and communities as part of the research. I will develop my own skills as a printmaker in Rome, I will meet different communities in Palermo and Reggio Emilia – some of whom are living very much in the margins and displaced for different reasons, and with whom I’d like to discuss the laments that are often part of the marginal experience. But this is not about just looking for sadness, I’m also looking for the strength and resilience in the lament. This is very much what interests me across my work currently, acknowledging the multitudinous elements of lament.

Helen Cammock, There’s a Hole in The Sky Part I, 2016, HD video still. Courtesy: the artist

Helen Cammock, There’s a Hole in The Sky Part I, 2016, HD video still.

CF-WYour work draws on the politics of influence, looking at figures – most often of the 20th and 21st century  from James Baldwin to the Housemartins. How will this interest lead the research planned in Italy?

HC  Barbara Strozzi and Francesca Caccini were 17th century composers from Venice and Florence. They wrote and performed a range of works throughout their careers, but I became drawn to the laments. In them, I heard the kind of longing, sadness and resilient notes I have been so interested in through poets, writers and musicians of the 20th and 21st centuries. I started to hear the ‘blue notes’ in Baroque music, which to me leads towards the jazz harp of Alice Coltrane. These connects across time I hope will grow and develop as I listen and sing more. I also have found the texts of poet, writer and feminist Lucrezia Marinella, born in the 16th century. She was trying to forge a place for herself as a writer in a context that was predominately inhabited by men, and her writing posed a challenge not only by its presence but also in the focus of the texts she wrote. Then I stumbled on the histories of the female experience during the Mussolini years; the demands and pressures on women that were often contradictory and controlling, and prescribed by a male-driven context – for nationalism, for motherhood and for modernity – and I want to look at the role of political language and text as a driver for these nationalist requirements. I am also interested in the exploration into a contemporary marginal female voice; these will not be the voices of influence, these will be the voices that I believe should have influence, simply because I believe that societies can never develop fully whilst certain voices, stories, experiences, wisdoms remain unheard. I want to be part of a process of adding to voices of influence.

Helen Cammock, Shouting in Whispers, 2017, HD video still. Courtesy: the artist

Helen Cammock, Shouting in Whispers, 2017, HD video still.

CF-W Your work is full of singers, speakers, protesters. Your recent show at Cubitt, ‘Shouting in Whispers’, emphasized the distribution and media that deliver those voices: a video edited together news and amateur footage, stamps from around the world bought on ebay, and printed slogans. What is the role of voice, or the mediation of the voice, in your work?

HC  I’m interested in the voice as author, as witness, as conduit, as ventriloquist. I’m interested in the notion of both individual and collective voice, and the role of the individual in resistance and challenge. I’m interested in the embodiment of the voice and what happens when a voice is subject to disembodiment or ‘re-embodiment’. What I call the ‘audible fingerprint’ enables me to explore the idea of authorship: introducing myself to the viewer and re-present words that were initially written by a novelist, philosopher or poet into a text in conversation, and interwoven with my own words. What is the difference in meaning and impact when different people say the same words – for example when I speak the words of Enoch Powell, Walter Benjamin, James Baldwin, Maya Angelou, Jamaica Kincaid, Franz Fanon or my own. What happens when different voices come together – reworked, I hope, to form new meaning or nuance. This play is my audible fingerprint – the multiple voice becoming the singular voice, an intentioned democratization of text – through a story I’ve constructed. It is, I suppose, an exploration of the different registers of the voice, the movement between written, spoken and sung word. It is important to me to cross time and place, to ask questions about the cyclical nature of discussion and context. The voice embodies a sense of agency: taking space in the world.

Helen Cammock, Song and Shiver, 2017, performance documentation, The Tetley, Leeds. Courtesy: the artist

Helen Cammock, Song and Shiver, 2017, performance documentation, The Tetley, Leeds.

CF-WWhat draws you to the lament?

HC  I am drawn to the poetry and music of lament; but also a personal, generational and historical lineage of sadness, longing and loss as a black woman. I know this lament does not belong only to my experience – it is something that is often ignored or undermined as part of world histories; and of course it is present most visibly in conflict, displacement and refugee stories. These are absolutely universal, historical and contemporary cycles of damage and loss; but it is also a part of the everyday for everyone at certain moments, or as prolonged or lifelong conditions. For certain communities these experiences mark their continued existence, through complex tapestries of personal, psychological and social understandings. I am interested in exposing this, unpicking this, asking people to witness this. The cycles and manifestations of it are part of our continued ‘unseeing’ of particular experiences and I think this is very damaging for a collective psyche, and affects certain communities more deeply and widely than others. But lament is constant – it never leaves the world.

The Max Mara Art Prize for Women, supporting UK-based female artists who have not previously had a solo survey exhibition, has been awarded in alternate years since 2005. Helen Cammock was announced as the seventh winner from a shortlist including Céline Condorelli, Eloise Hawser, Athena Papadopoulos and Mandy El-Sayegh. Cammock will spend six months in Italy during 2018 on a residency tailored to her interests, creating a new body of work that will be shown in a major solo exhibition at the Whitechapel Gallery in 2019 before touring to Collezione Maramotti in Reggio Emilia, Italy.

Credit: Repeating Island

‘Night Court’ star John Larroquette is ‘heartsick’ over Harry Anderson; stars pay tribute by Bryan Alexander

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‘Night Court’ star John Larroquette is ‘heartsick’ over Harry Anderson; stars pay tribute by Bryan Alexander

John Larroquette summed up his feelings about the loss of fellow Night Courtstar Harry Anderson in one word Monday.

“Heartsick,” Larroquette tweeted. Late that night, he added, “He was wicked smart. He was wicked funny. He had a big laugh. He had a big heart. He delighted in legerdemain especially when he caused someone to scratch their head and proclaim; How the h— did you do that? And he could eat a hamster like no one I ever knew.”

Anderson, 65, was found dead in his North Carolina home by police Monday morning. The loss of the actor who played Night Court‘s good-natured Judge Harry Stone from 1984 to 1992 brought out tributes from former cast members and stars.

Marsha Warfield, who came onto Night Court in 1986 as the show’s third bailiff, Rosalind Russell, left a tearful video on her Facebook page filmed in the front seat of her car after hearing the sad news.

“I didn’t know I was going to be this emotional or I wouldn’t have started this video,” said Warfield, barely holding back tears.

a man sitting in a chair: Harry Anderson, the star of "Night Court," has died at age 65.© RICHARD DREW/AP Harry Anderson, the star of “Night Court,” has died at age 65.“Harry was a good man, a good friend, he was good to me when I first got on Night Court,” Warfield said. “Harry was the first one to reach out and offer me advice, and any help I needed. And I needed a lot at that time.”

Warfield said she was going to head home and try “to process” the passing.

“I hope his family is comforted in knowing that he was so very loved, and so very talented,” she said in closing. “I’m going to miss you, Harry. Harry the Hat. Rest in peace.”

Markie Post, who played Christine Sullivan on Night Court, couldn’t pull together a tribute because she was too emotional. She said she would talk more later, “but for now, I’m devastated.”

Columnist Dave Barry, whom Anderson played in Dave’s World, the 1990s CBS sitcom based on his life, wrote, “He was a very talented guy, and, more important, a genuinely nice guy.”

Neil Patrick Harris was “stunned” by the death of fellow magician Anderson, who worked at Los Angeles’ Magic Castle. Harris called him “one of my comedy and magic inspirations growing up.”

“The world lost a truly gifted actor and magician: Harry Anderson,” wrote illusionist David Copperfield. “Popular for his role on Night Court, Harry also inspired generations of magicians with his unique style.”

NBC, which aired Night Court, tweeted, “We’ll miss you, Harry Anderson. The honorable Judge Harry Stone is forever in our hearts.”

“I remember driving to NJ for $40/night gigs with him before he became a huge star,” recalled Mad About You star Paul Reiser, adding, “Nobody does that AFTER they’re a huge star. He was truly one of the nicest guys. A gentle soul. He will be missed. RIP friend.”

Comedian Gilbert Gottfried, who said he guest-starred on Night Court multiple times “way back when,” wrote, “Ran into him in N.Y. not that long ago. Always friendly. Always funny.”

Producer Judd Apatow wrote about being 15 and interviewing the star Anderson.

“He was so kind, and frank and hilarious,” Apatow wrote. “He was a one of a kind talent who made millions so happy.”



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We all have our own memories of the ’90s. What was your favorite: sitcoms, boy bands, fashion, something else? Two decades later, it’s time to remember all those people who made the ’90s so memorable and see where are they today.

This gallery is a great reminder of famous people from that decade that are almost forgotten today.



Amy Jo Johnson is the best remembered for her role of Kimberly in 1993-1999 “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers”. During the 2000s, she continued acting in TV shows “The Division” and “Flashpoint”.


In 2001, Johnson released her first music album and two more after that. She wrote and directed an indie movie “The Space Between” which was released this spring.


Denise Richards had memorable roles in hit shows “Saved by the Bell,” “Melrose Place,” and “Seinfeld”. Her movie breakthrough came with the sci-fi action “Starship Troopers” in 1997. It served as a starting point for her to get more film roles in movies like “Drop Dead Gorgeous” and “The World is Not Enough”.


In 2011, Richards published her memoir titled “The Real Girl Next Door”.


Remember “Ally McBeal”? The famous anxious TV lawyer was portrayed by Calista Flockhart from 1997 to 2002. Many found her character loveable which made the show mega-popular.




Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani

Image by BBN/KMLA/REX/Shutterstock (282236ao)

Gwen Stefani was the leader of a hit pop-rock band “No Doubt” in the ’90s. They recorded 6 albums together before Stefani decided to go solo in 2004. Her first solo album was titled “Love. Angel. Music. Baby.”


Nobody will read my biography because of my past – Babangida

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Babangida Nobody will read my biography because of my past – Babangida      By Adeola Opeyemi


Ibrahim Babangida said people might not read his biography because he was a dictator – The former head of state said people judge him by his past – He said he has received little or no commendation for conducting the freest election in Nigeria

A former head of state, Ibrahim Babangida, has lamented that his past as a military dictator is affecting the way people see him, as most Nigerians do not take him serious because of the annulment of June 12, 1993 election. Babangida, who made this statement during a programme on Channels TV titled ‘Roadmap 2019’, said he hoped that someday, the younger generation will ask for his own side of the story and understand why he cancelled the 1993 election. He said: “They say, ‘he cancelled the freest election in the history but he annulled it’ but nobody gives me credit for conducting the freest election in the country.

“We try to rationalise why we did what we did but nobody is prepared to listen to us. So, it is a matter of time. One day, the younger generation will say they have heard one side and want to hear the other side of the story. “Maybe by then we will have a better society that is prepared; that is well-informed of what happened within a period of their existence. They will then be able to say this is the true story.” Babangida said he and late Moshood Abiola were friends before he annulled the June 12 elections.

When asked if he would ever publish his biography, he said: “I don’t know. People may not read it because it is coming from a dictator. A lot will say ‘he is the one who cancelled June 12 and that will kill everything that I have to talk about. “I hope that one day God will spare my life so that I can discuss it because I still believe people don’t get what we were trying to do. Nobody has ever sat down to say the two personalities are friends, what went wrong.

“I have never seen anybody write about this to try to give people another version of things. I knew his feelings and he knew my own. We even talked about it during the crisis itself.” earlier reported that the national chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Prince Uche Secondus along with members of the PDP National Working Committee met with General Babangida in Minna on Monday, April 16. The team arrived at the Minna airport with a chartered flight and was driven in a motorcade to the uphill residence of Babangida. The meeting was held behind closed doors in the presence of members of the Niger state working committee of the party led by the chairman, Barrister Tanko Beji.

Naija TV.

Meghan Markle’s Wedding Workout and Diet is Easy

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An inside look at everything Meghan Markle is eating and her favorite workouts ahead of the Royal Wedding.: Meghan Markle's Wedding Workout and Diet is Easy© Geneviève Charbonneau Meghan Markle’s Wedding Workout and Diet is EasyThe workouts and meal plan the future royal is relying on ahead of her May wedding.

Sweating for the wedding takes on a whole new level of insanity when said wedding is broadcast to roughly two billion people around the world. No pressure. Luckily for Meghan Markle, she’s had her diet and exercise regimen locked-down for years. As the daughter of a yoga instructor, Markle loves to cook and eats a predominately plant-based diet, but she allows room for occasional indulgences. She’s also a workout fiend, crediting everything pilates and running with keeping her fit. Ahead, find out how Markle’s secrets for will looking and feeling her best on royal wedding day.

a close up of a logo: Meghan Markle's Wedding Workout and Diet is Easy© . Meghan Markle’s Wedding Workout and Diet is EasyMeghan Markle eats fries, drinks wine, and indulges in the occasional ice cream cone-because what is life without a treat here or there? The key is to make most of your diet full of nourishing plant-based foods that are naturally low in calories but high in fiber. “I try to eat vegan during the week and then have a little bit more flexibility with what I dig into on the weekends,” Markle previously said while filming Suits. “But at the same time, it’s all about balance. Because I work out the way I do, I don’t ever want to feel deprived. I feel that the second you do that is when you start to binge on things. It’s not a diet; it’s lifestyle eating.”

An ideal day of eating for Markle looks like this: “A Clean Cleanse vanilla shake blended with frozen Ontario blueberries for breakfast, a Niçoise salad and glass of rosé, with some Grey Owl goat cheese and baguette on the side for lunch, and a leisurely dinner of seafood and pasta, and a negroni to cap off the night,” she previously told The New Potato.

Markle considers herself a pro-carb kind of girl, unlike her future sister-in-law Kate Middleton who adopted a low-carb, high-protein meal plan ahead of her wedding in 2011. “French fries – I could eat French fries all day. And I love pasta. I love carbs – who doesn’t love a carbohydrate?” Markle has said. “The same goes for wine. Of course I’m going to have that glass of wine – it’s delicious and I enjoy it.” In fact, she even named her now-defunct lifestyle blog The Tigafter her favorite brand of red wine, Tignanello. “God, do I love wine; a beautiful full red or a crisp white. But if it’s cocktails, I love a spicy tequila cocktail, negroni, or good scotch-neat,” she said“Do the things you enjoy within reason,” she says. “Know your body and what works for you and you’ll be fine.” future royal stocks her fridge with healthy snacks and staples you can pick up at any grocery store. “Hummus, carrots-because I love them and so does my dog, Bogart, strangely-a green juice, almond milk, for sure, and a chia seed pudding I make every single week,” she previously told Good Housekeeping.“So easy, so good. I really love to cook.”

She credits her SoCal childhood and time spent around TV-set craft services tables (of all things!) with kickstarting her fascination with cooking and entertaining. “Growing up in Southern California…we had a meyer lemon tree and fig tree in my backyard, I loved gardening and growing my own vegetables. That farm to table ethos was ingrained at such a young age, Also, I grew up on the set of the TV show Married with Children where my dad was the lighting director. The show was, shall we say, saucier than a little girl my age should be watching, so my dad would have me help in craft services,” she told Eye Swoon. “I would help make the food trays, and learned how connective food could be – how happy people would be when I walked in with a tray of perfect crudités. It was awesome, and definitely planted the seed of my love for making and sharing food.” has been busy traveling ahead of her May wedding, but she has a go-to room service meal when she’s on the road. “If I’m at a hotel I will likely order poached eggs and toast with avocado,” she says. Carbs, protein, healthy fats-it checks all the boxes.

a close up of a logo: Meghan Markle's Wedding Workout and Diet is Easy© . Meghan Markle’s Wedding Workout and Diet is Easy“My mom was a yoga instructor so that practice is in my blood,” Markle has said. “I love an intense vinyasa class – and even better if it’s blasting hip-hop and done in a dark room with candlelight.”

Prior to her engagement to Prince Harry, Markle would document her fitness routine on Instagram and her (now defunct) lifestyle site The Tig. She credits pilates, running, and yoga for keeping her lean and strong. “Running has always been my form of moving meditation, which I relish because it allows me to get out of my head,” Markle previously told Women’s Health. prefers Megaformer pilates, which uses a machine that combines the toning of pilates with the resistance training of bodybuilding.“[It’s] hands down the best thing you could do for your body,” US Weeklycredits Markle saying. “Your body changes immediately.”

Before moving to London, she told Women’s Health about one workout she was eager to try. “I’m eager to come to the UK to do a workout with Russell [Bateman], the founder of SBC,” she said. “My friend Millie Macintosh raves about his workouts, so I’ll call her up to do a class together next time I’m back in London.”

Want more royals? Now you can watch all of the best episodes from Bazaar’sRoyal Watchright here on Prime Video.

Gallery: 8 basic exercise moves you’ve been doing wrong your whole life (courtesy Prevention)8 Basic Exercise Moves You’ve Been Doing Wrong Your Whole Life

Yakasai, Waku, Na’Abba, seek IBB’s support for new association

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The Chairman of Northern Leaders and Stakeholders Assembly (NLSA), Alhaji Tanko Yakasai, yesterday led members of the Steering Committee to Minna, to seek the support of former military President Ibrahim Badamasi Babaginda.

On the entourage of the chairman were former Speaker of the House of Representatives, Ghali Umar Na’aba, two former ministers of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Senator Bala Muhammad and Mohammed Abba Gana; former Minister of Commerce Alhaji Mustapha Bello, as well as Senator Joseph Waku.

Others were two former ministers of Women Affairs, Hajiya Mayam Inna Ciroma and Hajiya Zainab Maina; former Minister of National Planning Dr Mohammed Shata, former Governor of Niger State Dr Muazu Babaginda Aliyu.

In his address, Alhaji Yakasai said the organization was established in February 10, 2018 as a direct response to the dire need to promote the cultural and political unity among all northerners and by extension Nigeria.

He said the group was political but not partisan, explaining, “The door of the assembly is open to all northerners irrespective of their ethnicity, differences in religious and political beliefs or sectional backgrounds.”

He said although the idea to form the body came months to 2019 general elections, “We are aiming far beyond this year’s electioneering.” He said the body was interested in coming up with an agenda that would form the basis for its support for anybody aspiring for an elective office at any level of governance.

He added that the body intended to convene a northern political summit to address the disquiet, distrust and loss of confidence of Nigerians against the political class which he said was creating a serious threat to the survival of democracy.

Responding, General Babaginda commended the body for its vision of a united and prosperous Nigeria, and promised to support the initiative. The former military president also accepted to be one of the patrons of the body.

Driving without lights leads to T-bone crash in West Valley City

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Gephardt Daily Driving without lights leads to T-bone crash in West Valley City A man driving without headlights caused a crash that sent him and two other people to the hospital Sunday night. The post Driving without lights leads to T-bone crash in West Valley City appeared first on Gephardt Daily.

A-list stars at Gwyneth Paltrow and Brad Falchuk’s black-tie L.A. engagement party

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Three months after Oscar winner Gwyneth Paltrow and writer-producer Brad Falchuk confirmed their engagement, they celebrated with a star-studded black-tie engagement party at the Los Angeles Theater in downtown L.A. on April 14, 2018. Reports even speculated that the bash, which is believed to have been thrown by Brad’s producing partner Ryan Murphy, could have been a cover for a surprise wedding. The Goop founder looked stunning as she arrived at the fete wearing a one-shouldered maroon gown with a thigh-high slit and a glowing tan. Keep reading to see the groom-to-be, Reese WitherspoonJulia RobertsJennifer AnistonCameron DiazDemi Moore, Steven Spielberg, Rob Lowe and many, many more of the couple’s celebrity pals all dressed up for the celebration, which came a day after Gwyneth’s epic VIP bachelorette party in Mexico wound down…






Brad Falchuk arrives at his engagement party at the Los Angeles Theater in downtown L.A. on April 14, 2018, wearing a white dinner jacket.


Brad Falchuk arrives at his engagement party at the Los Angeles Theater in downtown L.A. on April 14, 2018, wearing a white dinner jacket.


 © Photographer Group / Splash News Jennifer Aniston — sporting a wrist brace that matches her gown — arrives at Gwyneth Paltrow and Brad Falchuk’s engagement party at the Los Angeles Theater in downtown L.A. on April 14, 2018.



Barbara Bush in failing health

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Former first lady Barbara Bush waves to the crowd as she arrives at the dedication of the Mathew J. Lanigan bridge on Friday, May 19, 2017.© Gabe Souza/Portland Press Herald via Getty Images Former first lady Barbara Bush waves to the crowd as she arrives at the dedication of the Mathew J. Lanigan bridge on Friday, May 19, 2017.

HOUSTON (AP) — Former first lady Barbara Bush is in “failing health” and won’t seek additional medical treatment, a Bush family spokesman said Sunday.

“Following a recent series of hospitalizations, and after consulting her family and doctors, Mrs. Bush, now age 92, has decided not to seek additional medical treatment and will instead focus on comfort care,” spokesman Jim McGrath said in a news release.

McGrath did not elaborate as to the nature of Bush’s health problems. She has been treated for decades for Graves’ disease, which is a thyroid condition.

“It will not surprise those who know her that Barbara Bush has been a rock in the face of her failing health, worrying not for herself — thanks to her abiding faith — but for others,” McGrath said. “She is surrounded by a family she adores, and appreciates the many kind messages and especially the prayers she is receiving.”

Bush is one of only two first ladies who was also the mother of a president. The other was Abigail Adams, wife of John Adams and mother of John Quincy Adams.

She married George H.W. Bush in 1945. They had six children and have been married longer than any presidential couple in American history.

Eight years after she and her husband left the White House, Mrs. Bush stood with her husband as their son George W. was sworn in as president.

She’s known for her white hair and her triple-strand fake pearl necklace.

Her brown hair began to gray in the 1950s, while her 3-year-old daughter Pauline, known to her family as Robin, underwent treatment for leukemia and eventually died in October 1953. She later said dyed hair didn’t look good on her and credited the color to the public’s perception of her as “everybody’s grandmother.”

Her pearls sparked a national fashion trend when she wore them to her husband’s inauguration in 1989. The pearls became synonymous with Bush, who later said she selected them to hide the wrinkles in her neck. The candid admission only bolstered her common-sense and down-to-earth public image.

Her 94-year-old husband also has had health issues in recent years.

In April 2017, the nation’s 41st president was hospitalized in Houston for two weeks for a mild case of pneumonia and chronic bronchitis. He was hospitalized months earlier, also for pneumonia, spent time in 2015 at a hospital in Maine, where he and his wife have a summer home in Kennebunkport, after falling and breaking a bone in his neck. In Houston in December 2014, he was treated for shortness of breath and spent Christmas 2012 in intensive care for a bronchitis-related cough and other issues.

Bush, who served as president from 1989 to 1993, has a form of Parkinson’s disease and uses a motorized scooter or a wheelchair for mobility. He also served as a congressman, CIA director and Ronald Reagan’s vice president.

Barbara Pierce Bush was born in Rye, New York. Her father was the publisher of McCall’s and Redbook magazines. She married at age 19 while George Bush was a young naval aviator. After World War II, the Bushes moved to Texas where he went into the oil business.

Along with her memoirs, she’s the author of “C. Fred’s Story” and “Millie’s Book,” based on the lives of her dogs. Proceeds from the books benefited adult and family literacy programs. The Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy began during her White House years with the goal of improving the lives of disadvantaged Americans by boosting literacy among parents and their children. The foundation partners with local programs and had awarded more than $40 million to create or expand more than 1,500 literacy programs nationwide.

Actress Mimi Orijekwe Flaunts Her Brand New Mercedes Benz (Pictures)

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Mimi Orijekwe is the proud owner of a brand new Mercedes Benz. The single mother of one didn’t forget her daughter as she also bought a mini benz for her.

The actress who recently ended her marriage to fellow actor, Charles Billion, took to IG to flaunt her new possession.

Mimi Orijekwe wrote:

”Our latest addition.. welcome babies!! U guys came abit late buh it’s alright.. Benz lovers… me and mini me.. mum and daughter .. Mimi and jazzy !! God been good to us.. we re grateful @hot_littlejasmine congratulations baby..”


source: nai

Kylie Jenner, Kourtney Kardashian attend Coachella with boyfriends a day after Khloe gives birth

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kylieKourtney and Kylie take Koachella!

Just hours after sharing pics and videos from the tarmac before taking off on their private plane, Kourtney Kardashian and Kylie Jenner have arrived at Coachella. The sisters were photographed picking up their VIP passes at the festival with their respective boyfriends, Younes Bendjima and Travis Scott, as well as Kylie’s BFF, Jordyn Woods.

Kourtney beat the heat in a sheer black tank top and Adidas jogger pants, while her little sister and new mom sported a full-on denim ensemble. The 20-year-old reality star hid her face from cameras while walking inside, but looked relaxed as she was spotted by fans as she waited in line.

Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson ‘100 Percent Committed’ to Moving Past Cheating Scandal (Exclusive)

Kylie, who is set to make her first post-baby public appearance to host a Kourt x Kylie makeup launch party on Friday, took to Instagram to preview her look for the night — and prove that after giving birth to daughter Stormi on Feb. 1, she’s a “cool mom.”

“I’m not a regular mom I’m a cool mom,” she captioned a shot of her “cotton candy cream kylighter” hair.

The sisters’ Indio adventure kicked off just one day after Khloe Kardashian gave birth to her first child with boyfriend Tristan Thompson at a Cleveland-area hospital. Kourtney and Kim Kardashian flew in for the birth and were in the delivery room with Kris Jenner and Khloe’s best friend, Malika Haqq, on Thursday morning, while Thompson was photographed outside the hospital later that day amid his alleged cheating scandal.

Kylie Jenner Flaunts Her Flat Stomach Before Heading to Coachella for First Post-Baby Appearance

Kourtney and Kim flew back to Los Angeles on Thursday. “They have families and young kids to get back to. They were never planning on staying long even before the scandal,” a source told ET. “Plus, Khloe will be back in L.A. very soon.”

As for the status of Khloe’s relationship with Thompson, the source said: “They are both 100 percent committed to moving past this and focusing on the overwhelming joy they have in their life right now with their new daughter. Tristan knows he’s got to step up now though and can’t screw up.”

Kylie Jenner Is the First Family Member to Publicly Congratulate Khloe Kardashian on Her Baby’s Birth

People climbing pole to touch the face of dead Sheik Inyass who appeared during the Maulud celebration in Abuja

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inyasssDuring the Maulud celebration in Abuja yesterday April 14, a group of worshipers has claimed to see the face of the dead Muslim cleric Sheik Inyass on an electric pole. The news caused an uproar as many believed the face appeared on purpose to mark the celebration.

Many worshipers were seen struggling to climb the pole as to touch the face of Sheik Inyass as it is believed will be a blessing to them. The face they claimed to see on a pole belongs to Sheik Inyass who was a powerful Muslim cleric who died about 37 years ago.

Photos From The Wedding Ceremony Of Atiku Abubakar’s Step-son, Chuka Douglas In Dubai

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Below are pictures from the wedding ceremony of the step-son of former vice president of Nigeria, Atiku Abubakar. Chuka Douglas is the son of former NTA News correspondent in the 80’s, Jennifer Iwenjiora who got married to Atiku and became Jamilah Atiku Abubakar.

Former colleagues of Jamilah Atiku Abubakar were present as her son Anthony Chuka Douglas got married to Whitney Erin Woods in Dubai and the event was held from the 12th to the 14th of April. Senator Ben Bruce and his wife were also present at the occasion.

They had a wedding lunch on the Lawn at the Jumeirah Beach Hotel on April 13th.

Standing (from r-l): Ruth Benamaisia (newscaster from the early 1980s till the early 2000s), Ben Bruce’s wife, Ben Bruce, Sienne Al-Well Brown (newscaster from the early 1980s till the mid-1990s). The women beside Sienne are unidentified. Seated is the ever beautiful Ronke Ayuba (newscaster in the 1980s).

Ruth Benamaisia got married to Eric Opia in the mid-1990s. Sienne Al-Well Brown got married to Razak Lawal in the early 1990s and Ronke Ayuba got married to Colonel Tanko Ayuba (the minister of communications) in the 1980s.

Senator Ben Murray-Bruce and Alhaji Atiku Abubakar.

The couple, Anthony Chuka Douglas and Whitney Erin Woods.

source: gst

Real concerns Archbishop Welby raised before Buhari

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• President Disappears From Abuja House
• Presidency Silent On Meeting With May

Contrary to official statement from the Presidency concerning the meeting between President Muhammadu Buhari and the Archbishop of Canterbury, Archbishop Justin Portal Welby, it has emerged that the Anglican cleric raised concerns about the security situation in Nigeria, particularly attacks on Christian communities.

This is coming just as The Guardian gathered that President Buhari kept away from Abuja House, where he experienced some heckling from protesters last August.

A transcript of the discussion between the two leaders, which The Guardian obtained, showed that the Archbishop was very worried about the herders farmers’ conflicts and excruciating poverty in the country.

According to the transcript, the Archbishop told the President that no “country or society can flourish without excellent education,” impressing it upon him “how education helps tackle poverty.”

The English host informed his visitor of the vital role churches in England play, not just in educating a million children, but in providing them with values, identity and purpose.

Archbishop Welby, therefore, expressed deep concern about the suffering resulting from raids on Christian communities and villages, particularly as far as Delta State and urged the President to put in place measures to restore confidence in neutrality of the federal authorities.

While regretting the very many deaths and possible escalation of violence in the country, the Archbishop said the poor are suffering most for those tragedies, and urged Buhari to do everything in his power to secure the release of 14 year-old Christian girl, Leah Sharibu, who refused to convert to Islam.

The Archbishop told Buhari how he paid a pastoral visit to Nigeria in 2014 after the abduction of the Chibok girls, assuring of his continued prayers for the release of Sharibu and other Chibok girls still in Boko Haram captivity.

On the President’s disappearance from the official residence of the Nigerian High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, otherwise known as Abuja House, and the proposed meeting with the British Premier, Theresa May, the Special Adviser to the President on Media and Public Affairs, Femi Adesina, kept mum.

When our reporter called at Abuja House on Wednesday and Friday, there were no signs of the usual movement of vehicles and personnel that characterised the President’s two prolonged medical vacations of last year.

A security officer, who answered the bell on Wednesday evening responded with hostility and directed the reporter to the Northumberland Avenue, office of the Nigerian High Commission.

On Friday evening, when The Guardian visited, the residence was still quiet and the only member of staff seen closing around 6pm, told the reporter, “l don’t work there. Leave me alone, this Sahara Reporters people.”

Perhaps, out of fear of a recurrence of the heckling by protesters, which forced him to cut short his second medical vacation last August, after several weeks of treatment and recuperating at the Abuja House, President Muhammadu Buhari, seemed to have abandoned the West London property to a secretive hotel, since arriving in London a few days ago, ahead of the Commonwealth Heads of Governments Conference beginning on Monday.

Also, the president’s proposed meeting with the British Prime Minister is being kept secretive, even as it is unlikely the two leaders may meet ahead of the Commonwealth Heads of Governments Meeting (CHOGM).

Attempts to speak to the President’s Special Adviser on Media on Friday evening, to ascertain if the President had met with Mrs. May, met with a resounding: “no comment.”

When asked why the President didn’t officially transmit power, as alleged by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Adesina also responded “no comment.”

On whether the President was using this visit to attend to his private affairs, as the PDP National Publicity Secretary claimed, Adesina defended the President’s right to mix business and pleasure, saying:”It’s a free world.”

Why I prefer money to good sex – Nollywood actress, Amanda Ebeye

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Why I prefer money to good sex – Nollywood actress, Amanda Ebeye

Nollywood actress, Amanda Ebeye has revealed why she would choose money above good sex when asked to settle for one

The single mother of one when asked by Saturday Sun said: “If the sex is bad but he is a good man and treats you like a queen, will you stay in the relationship or marriage?’

“As long as he has lots of money, why not? Who has good sex helped? Who cares when the shops are full of the right tools?”

Also, when asked about her family’s reaction when they got to know that she was pregnant out of wedlock, Ebeye said she was old enough to make her decisions.

She said: “When I told my mother that I was pregnant, she simply made me understand that it’s my life, my decision and not hers. Luckily for me, I have amazing parents. I have done my obligations as a child. So, there’s really nothing to worry about.”

Winnie Madikizela-Mandela Funeral ongoing at Orlando Stadium, Soweto

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Struggle icon Winnie Madikizela-Mandela will be laid to rest today following the special official funeral service at Orlando Stadium in Soweto. South Africans on Saturday, April 14, stepped out to pay their last tribute to wife of their former president Winnie Madikizela-Mandela. She died on Monday, April 2, at the age of 81. Winnie who was referred to as the anti-apartheid icon was honored at Orlando stadium in Soweto, South Africa. She was reported dead after in a hospital in Johannesburg after a long illness. Tens of thousands of mourners came out in loud cheers as the casket carrying Winnie Mandela’s remains was wheeled into the stadium less than two kilometres from her home. The stadium was full.


Her casket was draped with the multi-colored South African flag and placed in the middle of the 37,500-seater stadium in front of a stage, decked in white and yellow flowers. The emotionally charged official funeral began in Soweto, where she lived until her death. She will be buried as a national hero. The deceased who was fondly called Mama Winnie also fought to keep South Africa’s anti-apartheid struggle in the international spotlight while her late husband, Nelson Mandela was imprisoned. Late Winnie Mandela’s corpse at the Orlando stadium In Soweto, South Africa Also in attendance of Winnie’s funeral was the civil rights leader Jesse Jackson. On Friday, April 13, he disclosed that the deceased was responsible for making the anti-apartheid movement a global struggle.



Good Night mama Africa!!!!



BBNaija: Uche Maduagwu Slammed Miracle for being too sex concious

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Nollywood actor Uche Maduagwu has slammed Big Brother Naija housemate, Miracle calling him a fool for concentrating on s*x, not money in the house.

He wrote:

You’re a miraculous MUMU, focus on the money and not s3x in BBnaija house…😀😃😄 @miracleikechukwu Your mumu is out of this planet, infact, you’re the king of Mumu,😀 even if your destiny is not sending you enough text messages, can’t you wake up from your slumber? See how you allowed this small Nina girl use home made SEX to take away the remaining miracle you need to win the 45 million naira? 🏃Now you have lost focus in the #house totally, all you now think about is Sex, and not the price, anyways, all hope is not lost, I’m already doing fasting and prayers on your behalf tagged “free Miracle from spiritual Nina”. 😃@miracleikechukwu if you still want the Biggest Actor in Nigeria to make you win, then you need to wake up and start putting your focus on the money and not Sex.

Why Gabrielle Union Says She Isn’t ‘Involved’ in the Tristan Thompson Cheating Scandal

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Khloé Kardashian’s Boyfriend Tristan Thompson Linked to a Fifth Woman Amid Cheating Scandal

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As Khloé Kardashian and Tristan Thompson celebrate the birth of their baby girl, photos continue to surface of him allegedly getting too close to another woman.

The Daily Mail published pictures Thursday of the NBA player hanging out with a woman named Tania hanging out in New York City on multiple occasions throughout the past few months, dining and partying together — though there are no images of them getting physical.

She is the fifth woman identified in the cheating scandal, which broke Wednesday when videos surfaced of the Cleveland Cavaliers power forward allegedly getting close to an unidentified woman at the PH-D Lounge in New York City over the previous weekend — while Kardashian, 33, was nine months pregnant.

A man who has been identified as the athlete was seen speaking closely with a brunette in photos and footage published by the Daily Mail and TMZ. The Shade Room later published a video of Thompson and a brunette allegedly entering his hotel at 5 a.m.

Still, a source told PEOPLE on Thursday that the new mom has “basically already forgiven” Thompson, 27, explaining, “She’s so incredibly happy that her baby is here, that she is big and strong and healthy and beautiful, and so right now Khloé truly has no other cares in the world.”

“She is in a bubble of love and peace and happiness right now, and everything that happened with Tristan is less about ‘cheating’ and more like, it was just a random drunken hookup that meant nothing and was kissing at most and didn’t lead to anything else and was the fault of stupid groupies trying to trap him, and everybody just needs to move on,” the source added.

The couple welcomed a daughter Thursday.

Trump Had Affair With Housekeeper That Produced a Child, Former Doorman Claims – Greg Price , Newsweek

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President Donald Trump had a relationship with a former housekeeper that produced a child, a former Trump World Tower doorman claimed in a statement released Thursday afternoon.

The doorman, Dino Sajudin, spoke out after reports published Thursday morning detailed his agreement with American Media Inc., the publisher of The National Enquirer, that included a $30,000 payment for the exclusive rights to the story.

“Today I awoke to learn that a confidential agreement that I had with AMI (The National Enquirer) with regard to a story about President Trump was leaked to the press,” Sajudin statement’s to CNN read. “I can confirm that while working at Trump World Tower I was instructed not to criticize President Trump’s former housekeeper due to a prior relationship she had with President Trump which produced a child.”

Trending: Telegram: Russia Bans Chat App After Ignoring FSB Demand for Access to Secret Messages

News reports have not been able to confirm Sajudin’s story and The National Enquirer could not prove the story to be true and opted not to publish it. The payment and agreement with Sajudin were reportedly made in November 2015, as Trump stormed the campaign trail and headed toward the White House.

The housekeeper and her child have not been named in news reports, and Sajudin’s claim remains unverified.


President Donald Trump enters the Rose Garden for an event at the White House, on April 12. Trump had a relationship with a former housekeeper that produced a child, a former Trump World Tower doorman claimed in a statement released Thursday afternoon. Getty Images/Alex Wong

Still, Sajudin’s allegation and the story of his payment have created another rash of headlines about the president’s alleged sexual encounters. Trump was still dealing with the fallout of adult film star Stormy Daniels claim of a sexual tryst with the future president in 2006 and the $130,000 Trump’s attorney paid to her in October 2016. Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, had signed a nondisclosure agreement but has since sued to claim the agreement was void because Trump had not signed it.

Former Playboy Playmate Karen McDougal has also claimed that she had an almost year-long affair with Trump between 2006 and 2007. The president had been married to First Lady Melania Trump at the time of both reported encounters, which are alleged to have occurred in the months following the birth of youngest son Barron.

This article was first written by Newsweek

“Some Men Are So Irresponsible” – Mimi Orjiekwe Slams Charles Billion For Doing A Condom Advert

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Nollywood actress, Mimi Orjiekwe, has slammed her estranged husband and fellow actor, Charles Billion, for doing a condom advert after having three children from three different women.

She wrote, “So I was jus reading a script that got me thinking … what makes some men sooo ?irresponsible … I ve thought soo much and I don’t just understand .is it Upbringing or family orientation or showbiz or infact it’s crazy .. how can u ve babies with 3 diff women .. u don’t and cannot pay bills for any of your child cos ur broke round the clock and u still go on to impregnate another .. is it a cause from the devil himself .. so now u ve diff children growin in d hands of diff women u don’t even make an attempt to assist or co parent ..this women re struggling to keep up and fight for there child’s best .. and u ve d gut to do a condom advert ..hell will even reject you ? ..goodpart is the table turns around and Favour’s d women like me .. ? the joy of becoming a parent is unmeasurable I wonder why some parents choose to be a Judas .. God help u..Ladies beware of such halfdozen typo men #findadozenfull# ?”

Photo Credit: Mimi Orjiekwe


BBNaija 2018: Miracle wins N1m as DJ spinall, DJ Obi visit housemates

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Big Brother Naija 2018 housemates were on Friday thrilled when Biggie surprised them with a visit to the house by Pepsi ambassadors Dj Spinall and Dj Obi.

The Pepsi ambassadors taught housemates the act, using the Amplifier and other equipment.

Miracle was announced winner of the this week’s ‘Pepsi challenge’. He was the first housemate to complete his task after finding the missing DJ pictures.

He was gifted a one year free supply of Pepsi, a ticket to ”One Africa” music festival and N1 million cash prize.

Leo, Ifu Ennada had won an all expense paid trip to London to attend ‘One Africa music festival’, N5 million cash prize, one year supply of Pepsi in the B “Roc da mat” challenge.

Other housemates were, however, were gifted tickets to the Pepsi party on the 30th of April.

BBNaija 2018: Rico Swavey predicts Winner.

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Recently evicted Big Brother housemate Rico Swavey have predicted who he thinks would win the ongoing BBNaija Reality TV show. Rico in an interview after his eviction, said that informed that the winner will be either Miracle or Tobi as they have more fans.

He added that whoever wins though deserves the prize as everyone of them in the house works hard enough. He continued that he will be happy for any of the housemates who emerges as the winner as he believes in letting the best man wins.

He said: “That has to be… Like my nigga Bitto would say, ‘there’s a dichotomy in my head.’ So, it’s between Tobi and Miracle. “But whoever wins, I have much love for the person. Let the best man win. Whoever wins, it’s a great thing for the person.”  Rico Swavey was evicted last weekend on April 8, 2018, for having the lowest votes from his votins while Nina and Lolu were saved.

BBNaija 2018: Ex-BBA star, Uti Nwachukwu identifies real ‘Double Wahala’ housemate

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nwachuckwuWinner of Big Brother Africa (BBA) All Stars edition, Uti Nwachukwu, has revealed that controversial Big Brother Naija housemate, Cee-c is the real ‘Double Wahala’.

The Tv host said the drama Cee-c provides for the house is real, adding that he loves it.

SW Recalls that former Big Brother Africa housemate, Pokello Nare, had also hailed Cee-c, describing the Anambra-born housemate as the real ‘Double Wahala’ and a force to reckon with. Pokello said this after Cee-c emerged with the second highest votes during last Sunday’s eviction.

Sharing a picture of Cee-c, Uti Nwachuwu on Instagram, wrote, ”This girl Shaaaa. ”The real Double Wahala…I pray she enters finale, Love her Drama.”

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