#BBNaija: “Why a relationship with Alex will not work” – Tobi

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Ex-Big Brother Naija 2018 housemate, Tobi has stated he doesn’t see a relationship with Alex working at the moment. The former investment banker revealed this while speaking with BBN host, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu on Channels ‘Rubbing Minds’. According to Tobi, there’s a lot of pressure from fans for them to start a relationship but it isn’t […]



BBNaija: Nina prefers To Give Miracle A Chance

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Nina shuts door on reconciliation with pre-BBNaija boyfriend | TheCable.ng

Prior to the Big Brother Naija show, Nina Onyenobi had been in a relationship for a year but on the show, she “bonded” with Miracle and everything changed.

Despite the fact that the reality TV show has been concluded, Nina says there is no hope of reconciling with Collins, her estranged boyfriend.

Speaking during an interview held alongside the other BBNaija finalists on Beat FM, Nina said: “The truth is that we are all humans and anything can happen. So when I got into the house I and Miracle got closer.

“It was natural, so we started relating. We bonded. Everything that happened was supposed to happen.”

When asked if she would reach out to Collins for a conversation, she said: “I don’t think I want to talk to him for now. I don’t want negative vibes right now.

“Right now, I don’t think there’s any hope of reconciling with him. Even if he does, who knows, it’s not from his heart so I don’t want to take any chances.”

After emerging winner of the show, Miracle Igbokwe had said he would like to “analyse” their relationship outside the four walls of Big Brother house.

“I am a very calculative person, I like to take my time to analyse situations if you noticed in the house, I will do the same with Nina and I’s situation,” he had said.

“This is the time to make money, my relationship with Nina will sort out itself naturally.”

Meanwhile, Tobi and Alex say they would like to remain as friends for the time being so as to focus on building their respective careers.

“I want her to face life. A relationship should not be what she is considering right now,” Tobi said about Alex.

BBNaija Winner: Miracle Reveals I Will Pay My N4.5M Tithe To The Church

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miracle-2The Big Brother Nigeria Winner, Mr Miracle Igbokwe has shown another side to his suave demeanour. After three months of drama, suspense and intrigue , in the reality TV show, Big Brother Naija: Double Wahala which came to a cataclysmal  end last Sunday with the dashing pilot, Miracle Ikechukwu Igbokwe emerging as winner, where he smiled home with N25 million cash, a brand new SUV and other prizes totaling N45 million, Miracle have started unveiling his plans on how to spend his winnings.

Being a good Christian, Miracle has vowed to pay his tithe to the last kobo first. He made this pledge to TS Weekend interview on Monday afternoon, shortly before boarding en-route Nigeria, at the OLiver R Thambo International Airport, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Here are extracts from the Interview:

How are you feeling now?
I’m feeling like a flyboy. I really appreciate you all because it’s your love that got me this (N45 million) prize.

What do you think won you the prize?
I will say it’s the grace of God.

As a Christian, are you going to pay your tithe from the money you won?
To me, it’s always God first. He has blessed me and I have to show that I appreciate. Yes, definitely, I’ll pay my tithe.

What are you planning to do with the money?
Right now, I think it’s just time for me to relax and think about what exactly I want to do with the money.

How long is it going to take you to start something with the money?
I have no idea because I don’t even know what’s happening right now. It’s like I’m in a dreamland. I’ve been indoors for three months. I need to get back to reality to know what’s happening outside and make my decision.

Who are the people you are going to miss?
I’m not going to miss anybody because all of us will still be together in Nigeria, but I will miss the Saturday parties we used to have in the house.


#BBNaija: Could this be why Miracle won Big Brother Naija 2018?

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Miracle Ikechukwu Igbokwe won Big Brother Naija 2018.

It has been revealed that last year 2017, Miracle was among 25 contestants who were shortlisted to be part of the the maiden edition of an adventure-filled reality TV show called O’s Island organized by an online tv channel Njama TV.

miracle wins big brother naija 2018 cheque lailasnews 2

On the O’s Island reality tv show, 21 contestants were placed on an island without the use of any kind of technology device, for 40 days.

During this period, they were given tasks upon tasks; and at the end of the day, the last man standing went home with a total sum $10,000.

The show which aired on Africa Magic Urban lasted for 40 days. During the show, BBNaija 2018 winner Miracle, was the head honcho and leader of his clan (Badagry Clan) and he succeeded in leading them to innumerable triumphs, keeping them safe from being evicted, at the oracle sessions.

Charly Boy, popularly known as Area Fada, was the oracle of O’s island (Season One).

It was widely predicted that airplane pilot Miracle who had the spectacular records of individual wins on O’s Island, was going to win the reality TV show, but he unfortunately injured his foot at the final week. He consequently lost the competition narrowly to Awatt Bassey.

Os-Island-winner-awatt-bassey lailasnews

Surely, the experiences, discipline and training Miracle received from O’s island is undeniable and obviously was instrumental to his victory in the just concluded Big Brother Naija 2018.

#BBNaija: Miracle talks about relationship with Nina, the gifts keep coming for Cee-C

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Big Brother Naija 2018 winner, Miracle, who got romantically involved with each other despite Nina revealing she was committed to a relationship outside the house, has finally talked about his relationship with Nina.

Miracle talks about relationship with Nina, the gifts keep coming for Cee-C lailasnews

Miracle a.k.a Flyboy who has been overwhelmed by the love he has gotten so far, said now is not the right time to address his relationship with Nina. According to him, now is the time to make more money and his relationship will sort itself naturally.

“I am a very calculative person, I like to take my time to analyse situations if you noticed in the house, I will do the same with Nina and I’s situation.

“This is the time to make money, my relationship with Nina will sort out itself naturally.

‘Friday is always like my best days in the house, with all the movements and action, I really enjoyed it.

“It brought a bond between everybody, it was something new, and you know Big Brother always surprises us”.

Miracle also disclosed the the difficulties he faced, while having to nominate a pair for eviction from the reality show.

“It was tough because we had to nominate a pair and I may like one housemate but dislike the partner.

“I have realized some talents I didn’t know I had. Because of Teddy in the house, I had to sing. I really enjoyed it and the other housemates did as well”.

“I can’t take the leadership skills I acquired in the house for granted”.

On the other hand, Cee-C the first runner-up of the reality show who seem to had gotten nothing from the show apart fame, seems to have gotten more upon her arrival to Nigeria. Recall that we had reported earlier that Cee-C’s fans donated #2million to her. Now, we’ve also confirmed that Cee-C will be getting 10 designer dresses from a Nigerian clothing store.

Havilah clothing CEO who confirmed this report wrote;

I simply ask myself a question when faced with an issue.. WHAT WOULD OUR LORD AND SAVIOUR DO IF CEECE CASE WAS BROUGHT TO HIM? Would He say stone her or forgive her love her up and mentor her through counselling ?

I have made mistakes but right counsel made me better person (Even though I would like to say I am still work in progress) so I have empathy for those who have too.. @Ceec_official send a trusted person to come pick your clothes and see me when you can God bless you.i love you.. Welcome Home❤❤❤❤❤❤


Ese909 also gave a summary of gifts Cee-C has gotten so far;

Gifts to CeeC: All fans = N2m A philantropist = N1m A fan = 500k Havilah = 10 designer dresses A fan = 2 dresses A company = iphone #BBNaija

 Miracle talks about relationship with Nina, the gifts keep coming for Cee-C lailasnews 3

BBNaija: Teddy A. and Bam Bam taking things to Another Level

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Photos have emerged of BBNaija Bambam and Teddy A taking their love to greater heights. Here are photos of Bambam sitting on Teddy A’s mum’s legs.

#BBNaija- Bambam sits on Teddy A's mum's leg lailasnews 6

Pictures were taken during the surprise birthday party Teddy A threw Bambam. More photos below

#BBNaija- Bambam sits on Teddy A's mum's leg lailasnews 3

#BBNaija- Bambam sits on Teddy A's mum's leg lailasnews
#BBNaija- Bambam sits on Teddy A's mum's leg lailasnews 2

Ever since their eviction from the show, Teddy A and Bambam’s love has waxed stronger.

You recall they made headlines for having sex during the BBNaija show in a toilet. Reacting to it in an interview after she was evicted from the show, Bambam said she will handle rumours of her sex with Teddy A as a process in her life.

Bambam in an online video, said although the duo were caught, she will not allow the scandal get to her. She said what took place in the house already happened and it is a story she will stick to.

She said:

”So far, anyone that has a victory story has a process, and I will go through it, I will just deal with it for what it is.”

”What took place in the house already happened, That is my story and I am sticking to it, I wont let it get to me cause it is just a process.”

”We are both going to focus on our career and move on.”

Asked about her parents’ reactions, Bambam said although her parents were mad at her for her actions they are still proud of her.

”Yes my parents were mad at my actions, but they are still proud of me, What ever I did does not make me less of their daughter.”

About their love, Bambam has always confessed she’s madly in love with Teddy A. twinpine, Teddy A also seems to feel the same way. He once told fellow housemate, Rico, that he’d rather start a new life with Bambam than with his babymama.

“Never Talk To A Man The Way Cee-C Talks To Tobi” – Linda Ikeji Advises Women

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“Dear women, never talk to a man the way CeeC has spoken to Tobi today no matter how provoked you are. It’s almost a sin! And of course, it goes both ways! #BBNaija

Watch some of the videos of her verbally abusing him here… https://www.amagitesblog.com/2018/04/bbnaija-never-talk-to-a-man-the-way-cee-c-has-spoken-to-tobi-today-_-linda-ikeji-advises-women.html

#BBNaija: Dabota Lawson defends Cee-C, says any lady could do same — Nigeria News

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Nigeria News | Laila’s Blog #BBNaija: Dabota Lawson defends Cee-C, says any lady could do sameAt a time when every other celebrity is against Big Brother Naija housemate, Cee-C, after her rant with fellow housemate […] Read More >>#BBNaija: Dabota Lawson defends Cee-C, says any lady could do same Laila Ijeoma…

Read More via #BBNaija: Dabota Lawson defends Cee-C, says any lady could do same — Nigeria News | Laila’s Blog

Toke Makinwa, Toolz, Kemi Adetiba and more react to Cee-c verbally abusing Tobi

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Media personalities, Toke Makinwa, Toolz Oniru-Demuren, Kemi Adebita, DJ xclusive and Laura Ikeji have all penned down their opinion publicly about the incident.

Toke Makinwa, Toolz, Kemi Adetiba and more react to Cee-c verbally abusing Tobi

Nigerian music video director, filmmaker, and television director, Kemi Adetiba, wrote on her twitter page:

I just watched the most bizarre live recording of #BBNaija. I’m still dumbfounded. One person going on a non stop tirade on another. Surely this must be some sort of abuse. Biggie is quietly nursing a pressure pot and anything that results out of its explosion will be his fault.

Another expression came from the popular female OAP, Toke Makinwa and she also wrote:

Maybe sex will soften the tension between those two 😂😂😂

While the popular female presenter, Toolz also aired her own concern from Cee-c’s attitude by saying:

Isn’t it against #BBNaija rules to verbally abuse another housemate?

DJ Xclusive has been one of the few celebrities that visited the Big Brother Naija house as a guest and to entertain the housemates in a night party.

He put up his own words via his social network profile and said:

“Omo… cee-c is special lol #bbnaija …. why’s she like that? Big up tobi tho – he don try”

Laura Ikeji on the other hand uploaded the video and captioned it: “Wow! this is bad, sad.

The BBNaija reality show is getting hotter day by day and the battle to take home the prize is becoming more competitive.

BBNaija: Cee C says Tobi is not 23 years, reveals his real age

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ceeBig Brother Naija housemate, Cee-C says Tobi is actually 29 years old, and not 23 years as he claims. This was revealed during Cee-C’s explosive drama with Tobi where she accused him of conspiring against her, gossiping about her, defaming her within the house, putting her up for eviction as well as making other frantic but futile effort to eject her from the reality show which promises a N45 million prize money.

The quite toxic relationship between the former lover continued on Wednesday with Cee-C resorting to full attack on Tobi.

Cee-c accused Tobi of serially talking about her with other housemates .

She said Tobi’s real age is reflecting on his attitude, adding that he is acting like a 10-year-old.

According to Cee-c, Tobi’s childish attitude had made him hover around Alex, Anto as well as her in a bid to date one of them.

She also attacked Tobi for,

“putting me up for eviction and making other frantic but futile effort to eject me from the reality show.”

Cee-c added,

BBNaija: Cee-c gets a strike for going berserk on Tobi – The Nation Newspaper — Nigerian Bulletin – Nigeria News Updates

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BBNaija 2018 finalists Cynthia Nwadiora aka Cee-C, on Monday received a warning strike for going berserk on fellow housemate Tobi Bakre. This is coming after she verbally attacked Tobi, and…BBNaija: Cee-c gets a strike for going berserk on Tobi – The Nation Newspaper

via BBNaija: Cee-c gets a strike for going berserk on Tobi – The Nation Newspaper — Nigerian Bulletin – Nigeria News Updates

Evicted BBNaija Housemates, Lolu & Anto Meet With Davido At Beat FM

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Evicted BBNaija Housemates, Lolu & Anto Meet With Davido At Beat FM

Evited BBNaija Housemates, Lolu & Anto are very much privileged to meet the super mega star Davido at beat fm.

As shared with caption;

Having a great time with @olisaadibua and @osi_suave of @thebeat999fm
What a privilege to meet @davidoofficial ….I am a star �� For ever grateful to you guys


source: nai

BBnaija: Just give Miracle the 45million-Daddy Freeze — cheepowersblog

BBNaija, Big Brother Naija

Daddy Freeze, the controversial OAP who happens to be the convener of the #FreeTheSheeple movement, has called on Biggie and the organizers of the Big Brother Naija reality show to just award Miracle the grand prize of N45million.

via BBnaija: Just give Miracle the 45million-Daddy Freeze — cheepowersblog

Day 78: An Electric After-Party

BBNaija, Big Brother Naija

The five Saved Housemates could barely contain their joy at being in line for the Finale.

miracle-2Tobi, Alex, Miracle and Nina found themselves to be the lucky few who had survived the final Eviction that saw Khloe, Anto and Lolu leave the Double Wahala House. Emotions were at the peak tonight as Nina and Alex couldn’t hold their tears back – overpowering rivers of joy mixed with disbelief and gratitude at having been Saved.

In Line for The Prize

Upon realising they were heading for the Finale, Tobi, Miracle, Nina and Alex gathered around a bottle of sparkling wine to celebrate their victory. They had barely started pouring the bubbly that Cee-C walked back through the doors, to her peers incredulous faces. Cee-C had come back fronting an inscrutable face nonetheless exuding a certain arrogance as she seemed to take delight in the disappointment her return had caused.  Expectedly, she retreated to the garden area to savour her fate while talking to her fans and praying for strength.

Spiking Fever

Yet Biggie had more surprises for the shrunken House, as one by one, video messages recorded by friends and family emerged on the screen. In the lounge, Tobi, Miracle, Cee-C, Nina and Alex were overwhelmed to see and hear messages from their loved ones. As Nina and Alex cried their eyes out, Tobi, Miracle and Cee-C jumped for joy elated as they were by such unexpected encouragements.

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BBnaija Day 77: May The Best Win

BBNaija, Big Brother Naija

During the Live Eviction Show, Biggie had Housemates play the final Wager challenge.

miraOne Last Try

Biggie called the House into the Arena, where ten suitcases were lined up, awaiting for the eight remaining Housemates to open them. The aim was for Housemates to secure another Wager victory, in light of a slight twist: each suitcase contained a small gifts, but only one held a cash reward. Biggie instructed Housemates that whoever opened the suitcase containing the money reward would have a claim on the reward, yet also automatically imply that the entire House lost the Wager.

Hanging in Suspense

At the sound of the buzzer Housemates came forward and had two minutes to take position behind their chosen luggage. The suspense kept everyone on their toes, as they touched, lifted and shook the cases in their hands – all in the full awareness they were not to open any until instructed so by Biggie. Then Biggie instructed Housemates to open their numbered suitcases to reveal the content.

It’s Not Over Yet

While Nina and Tobi had difficulties opening theirs, Miracle looked unsure whether to smile or not upon learning he had won a two hundred thousand Naira, for it also meant the entire House had lost the totality of their Wager. Meanwhile Biggie had called Lolu,Tobi, Miracle, Nina and Alex back to the lounge, leaving Anto, Khloe and Cee-C standing in the Arena, waiting to find out their fate.

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BBNaija 2018: Why I said Alex throws herself at male housemates – Cee-c

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alex ceeBBNaija 2018: Why I said Alex throws herself at male housemates – Cee-c

Big Brother Naija 2018 housemate, Cee-c has spoken on why she accused Alex of throwing herself to male housemates.

Cee-c had during the live show told Big Brother host, Ebuka that Alex was fond of throwing herself at all the male housemates.

However, when asked by Nina why she described Alex that way, Cee-c said “Khloe told me that Alex took away Leo from her and Bambam also told me the same with Teddy A.

“So, what I told Ebuka about her tonight with Tobi is what I heard from other female housemates.”

BBNaija 2018: What housemates did after Cee-C escaped eviction

BBNaija, Big Brother Naija, personality

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Big Brother Naija 2018 housemates were utterly surprised when Cee-C returned to the house following the eviction of Khloe, Anto and Lolu on Sunday.

Cee-c was last week put up for possible eviction alongisde Lolu, Miracle, Anto and Khloe, but she narrowly escaped the ‘big hammer’ last night during the live show after securing 27.888% vote behind Miracle, who topped with 44.33%.

She nonchalantly replied thus, “I am grateful that I’m here despite all the adversity, challenges and gossips”.

Cee-C makes the finals of this year’s Big Brother Naija reality show, along with Tobi, Alex, Miracle and Nina.

BBNaija 2018: Lolu and Anto evicted from Big Brother

BBNaija, Big Brother Naija

Big Brother Naija 2018 housemate, Lolu and Anto were evicted from the reality TV show  tonight

Lolu and Anto was evicted during the Sunday live eviction show.

Recall that Lolu, Cee-c, Anto, Miracle, Khloe were put up for eviction after Alex emerged as head of house.

Alex picked a chance card on Monday which placed all housemates on eviction except Alex, Tobi and Nina.

BBNaija 2018: Payporte finally speaks on alleged poor treatment of workers

BBNaija, Big Brother Naija

BBNaija 2018: Payporte finally speaks on alleged poor treatment of workers


The official sponsors of Big Brother Naija show, Payporte, has reacted to report that staff of its company were being owed salaries and treated poorly.

According to some aggrieved staff on social media, Payporte treats them poorly, owes them months of salaries yet spends millions on sponsoring competitions such as Big Brother Naija, and signing on brand ambassadors.

However, Abioye Olubodun, an aide to the CEO of Payporte, Eyo Bassey has denied the report.

Olubodun told Punch that workers were not being owed, adding that those complaining left the company without following proper resignation processes.

“It is a lie, they are not being owed. The people that did not get their money are those that left the company without properly resigning their appointments and those that still have company properties such as cars and expensive cameras in their possessions.

“If you want to leave a company, there is a process to follow and that is the way it is everywhere. Your boss has to clear you, otherwise it would be regarded that you went AWOL.

“It is unfortunate that the former staff had to go to this length. They just need to do the right thing and everything would be resolved. They don’t want to do the right thing but they want to get paid.

“The company doesn’t have issues with them; they have just been told to bring the items in their possessions and they would get paid their entitlements. It is not true that they were being owed.”

Speaking on reports that Payporte treats its staff poorly despite millions gotten from Big Brother Naija, Olubodun added:

“That is not true. I am a staff of the company and I can tell you that I am well treated. Meanwhile, the MD is aware of the allegations and he is planning to call a press conference at the end of the month.”

BBNaija Day 77: The Closet Stories

BBNaija, Big Brother Naija

Housemates seem to always find solace in the enclosed closet space.

From laughs to quarrels and many things in between, the closets in the Big Brother House have seen it all and for Tobi and Alex all they can do is laugh.

Soon after the party, the duo who’ve since been joined at the hip, took time and reminisced on all they’ve seen happened in that particular space.

A Thought Bench

Apart from Alex and Tobi, other Housemates also take time to chill at the closet area, whether as a collective having chats or alone listening to their thoughts.

After the party, Anto took some moment to just sit in-between the closets and she looked far in thoughts, just like as she was at party.

Also, Cee-C had her moment in the closet space and just like her fellow Housemates, Anto, for a moment she was in deep thoughts.

Seeing that both are up for possible eviction, could it be worry that they might leave or it was just random thoughts going through their heads?

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Day 77: Why More Girls Survived

BBNaija, Big Brother Naija

The Chop Despite having the least number of wins, the girls held it out and outnumbered the guys.

Besides having a longer life expectancy thanks to finding the most pleasure in curating calorie-free diets, colour-coded living spaces, makeup on fleek and choosing patterns appealing to the eye instead of deriving fixes from tip of the cliff jumps, pepper swallowing contests and drag-racing; women out-endure and outdo men on numerous fronts, and it seems like the BBNaija House is one of those fronts.

XX Marked The Spot

The Game started on a rather noisy note when not one but two Xs marked the spot. With 20 Housemates battling it out for both the gold and the glory, one group was bound to bag the turf advantages; ‘turf’ not because any of them were familiar with the dynamics, but because of having greater chances of holding their own; nibbling on crumbs and dust if need be.

Dramatic Knockouts

It ‘women feed on drama’ isn’t an actual theory, then lets place a stamp of approval on it now because almost all the quarrels in the House were sourced from the girls, fed by the girls and very seldom buried by the girls. This of course sky rocketed the amount of pressure exerted in the House, prompting everyone to draw out their weapons while fake smiling; having the viewers anticipate the rounds to follow, KO style.

Letting The Laundry Dry

Moreover, very seldom did we hear any of the guys raising their voices and blurting out on each other’s flaws for the entire Household to take note; bashing and bringing out each other’s dirty laundry when it comes to the girls however, need we elaborate? We didn’t think so; because if we were to list all the instances, this write-up would go ‘novel’ on you real quick.

Hand it to the guys on a silver platter though because they definitely came in hard strategically and put in the physical work that saw them tallying high up with the HoH wins, Task victories and Arena Millions. However, survival still remains the ultimate goal and those ropes ladies and gents, are held securely by the girls.

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BBNaija Day 77: The Sentiments in

BBNaija, Big Brother Naija

The Bracelets Lolu and Tobi seem to literally be wearing their hearts on their sleeves.

While states use lighthouses to mark their oceanic atolls, Lolu and Tobi seem to have opted for bracelets to mark their emotional atolls, and we’ll tell you why.

Hearts Worn On Wrists

Lolu wore his wordsmith charm as cologne and gunned for Anto almost at first sight; with his intellect flavoured advances seeming to appeal to her on different levels. All this courting and smooth talking took place in full view of the bracelets he’d worn since inception and according to his mini heart-to-heart with Alex, they were a gift from a young somebody who seemed to have been cupping his heart. Their sentimental value was further confirmed by a very emotional diary session during which he reminded this ‘special’ person that he loved them regardless of what happens in the House. Regardless!

lolI don’t Wanna see Them

Despite her very blatant and often tough-love coated resistance to Lolu’s advances, Anto was literally shoved not only by the fact that he had led her to believing that she was about the only apple of his eye, but by the fact that whatever he had going on outside was sealed with a couple of bracelets that he’d been wearing while courting her; which is probably the reason why she had him get rid of them.

The Seal of Love

tobiJust like Lolu, Tobi seems to have placed heavy amounts of sentimental value on bracelets because if this was a crime, he’d be convicted for two counts. The first having taken place during his smitten phase. He’d clearly fallen hard for Cee-C and while there wasn’t much to give, his black beaded bracelet was all he could offer. She too was very receptive because despite the constant quarrelling and bashing, she wore the bracelet faithfully.

The Friendship Seal

Not even by the trajectory of the wagon can we categorise this second count because Tobi seems to have found in Alex the amount of comfort a guy  only ever finds in a romantic partner. While theirs is ‘not-so-obviously’ only a friendship, Tobi poured his ‘appreciation’ into decorating Alex’s wrist with a golden bracelet he’d apparently been given by his father. A gesture obviously only extendable to those one holds within close emotional proximities, and judging by the velocity of this wind, Alex has earned herself a special pedestal in Tobi’s universe.

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BBNaija Day 77: Ugo Monye The Fabric Genius

BBNaija, Big Brother Naija, Fashion

BBNaija Celebrating Ugo Monye’s works

Ugo Monye’s designs have influenced international trends and raised fashion keen eyebrows.

Ugo.jpgThrough his patterned brilliance and ‘hawk’s eye’ for flare, Ugo Monye has managed to synchronise traditional elements accompanying the native Nigerian dashiki and boubou with high-fashion influences to create fabric cocktails only his hands have produced thus far.

Having realized his ‘God tailored’ life’s purpose during his days in University, Ugo envisioned  being the number one African fashion influencer, with originality placed at the core of his artistry; and judging by the velocity at which his designs are igniting glowing splinters, he’s well on his way.

His current collaboration with Ebuka has definitely served as a social stepping stone for the two artists and promises to continue yielding positive fruit; and just as it’s been for a couple of week through the show, Ebuka will be spotting another one of his amazing designs, “an itsekiri inspired outfit with a royal twist from the Niger Delta region of Nigeria”. We raise eyebrows and another worldwide trend.

When asked what his prospects are for the African fashion district, he highlighted the uniqueness deeply embedded in the putting together of fabric that deserved worldwide recognition, and judging by his architectural genius in fabric form, the world is watching and Africa is putting on a show. Watch this space.

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