The 5 Largest Unexpected Costs of Your Dream Wedding

gaba-1874655_1920-1024x683.jpgThe day we started having crushes is the day we began dreaming about our weddings. I was obsessed with the idea of Cinderella’s carriage, and always imagined setting out of that for my own wedding. As we grow older, we realize the real cost of a wedding and how unlikely it’ll be the wedding we dreamed of in childhood. As I am planning my own wedding now, I have come across the true cost of the wedding staples. To say the least, there’s a reason the wedding business is booming. I have multiple theories that just adding the word “wedding” when speaking to a vendor increases the price of a rental threefold.


Honestly, who knew you even needed lighting? The cost of lighting is one of the top expenses you would never think of. For almost any venue, the lighting is standard room lighting. This type of lighting isn’t pleasing when taking pictures, dancing, or setting the mood. When booking a ballroom, you will need spotlights for the food, DJ, tables, and decorations. You will also need uplights and some other various lighting. The quote for a ballroom is around $2,000 – $3,000.


Behind a white dress, one of the most iconic images of a wedding is the floral arrangements. White roses, tulips, hydrangeas, baby’s breath – all scream “wedding”. Odds are, you want a  big lush bouquet for you, your bridesmaids,  your mother, mother in law, and so on. The difference florals can make on your wedding is astounding. A good florist will make your pictures and party pop. Expect florals to close minimum $4,000.


Chicken or fish? Wonder why that’s a classic line associated with weddings? Because it’s too expensive to buy red meat! From the h’or dourves, to appetizers, to salads, to dinner, to fruit stations, to dessert – the cost of catering is the most expensive part of the wedding. The cost of food is around $50 – 300 per/person. And add that to the required staff, which is about 1 waiter per 15 people. For a party of 300 people catering, will be at least $18,000.


You know those cute videos that pop up on Instagram with the editing and cute songs? Yes, well those cost money. A lot more money than you would anticipate. For a wedding of about 300 guests, you would want to hire a team of at least 3 videographers. With the mixing of those angles and adequate editing, you can anticipate a great video. The cost for this videography is about $4,000 – $10,000.


Odds are, you won’t like the dated furniture given from the venue. The venue will almost always require additional touches to make it unique to your wedding. It might need chivari chairs, or special runners, or a comfy couch area. Whatever it is, you will want to make the wedding uniquely yours. And the best way to do that is with custom, unique rentals. Expect to send anywhere from $3,000 – $10,000 for good rentals.

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