Communication, A Key in Countering Violent Extremism -Medium

There is no overstating the significance of communication between the various key stakeholders when it comes to Countering Violent ExExtremis Proper communication averts misunderstanding, which is often the prelude to violent conflict.

What today’s youth want, is that their understanding of what progress and success means, and their preferred means of attaining such success must be communicated to, and understood by the older generation.

Likewise, the needs of a girl child must be understood, in the same manner, by other groups in society. Because all groups must work together and make compromises before they can see that issues are better addressed through dialogue, rather than violence.
We cannot know what each of us want without communicating with each other. Only then could we prioritise and tackle problems without resorting to violence. For instance, when you are discussing Reintegration in the NorthEast Nigeria without including community representatives, religious leaders, traditional leaders and also the Civilian Joint Tasks Forces (CJTFs), I don’t think the discussion is complete.

Failure to communicate well will push aggrieved groups towards violent ideologies, with grave consequences.
Let’s start talking to others, and encourage others to talk to us, without them worrying about being judged or attacked for their positions on issues. There is so much possibilities in dialogue, whereas violence can only engender ill will and suffering. It is the lack communication that generates frustration and anger, which in turn makes it seem like there is no option but violence.
Let’s talk to each other, so we can be there for each.

#NotAnotherNigerian #CounteringViolentExtremism #UntoldStoriesOfTheNorthEast

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