Houzz Tour: Glass Bridge Links a 1940s Bungalow With an Addition |Louise O’Bryan

A Sydney home pushes traditional and contemporary designs to the limit, giving its owners the best of both worlds

Having lived in a quaint bungalow in greater Sydney for many years and developed strong family ties to the area, the owners were eager to turn their home into an empty nester’s dream after all but one of their four children had moved out. Despite its solid structure and wonderful period features, the cozy brick house remained stuck in the past, with a tiny kitchen and a living room disconnected from the landscape.

The couple had big dreams for creating an exciting forever home, so they searched for an architecture firm that would push the boundaries of contemporary design yet retain the beauty of the traditional architecture. Danny Broe delivered on their vision. “[Besides] an open kitchen, dining and living space, the couple’s wish list included a large train room for [the owner’s] state-of-the-art train set, so we knew from the start this was going to be an unconventional renovation,” Broe says.

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