Jose Mourinho makes joke about Pogba and Noble being ‘in love’ — High Velocity Sport


Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho has made a joke abut Paul Pogba and Mark Noble, who clashed in the game last night, and ended up swapping shirts and making up at the end of the game – and the United boss thought it was a touching moment and also took the time to praise the officials for their handling of the game.

Mourinho said:“The ref handled the game well. 

“I was watching images and Paul and Noble they looked in love! Hugs and kisses and changing shirts, so it was good. 

“I think it was competitive, we needed the points to finish second, they don’t win anything because they did the job last match at Leicester, but they play to win and the changes David [Moyes] made was to try that, so the game was competitive.

“We resolved the problem in a good way because the game was tense but the game was correct.”

Big summer

The summer will be a huge one for both Manchester United and West Ham – with the latter possibly looking for a new manager after David Moyes made it clear he wanted to manage to top eight side – and United getting rid of many players who manager Jose Mourinho has deemed not good enough and mentally weak.

There will also be influxes of players in both clubs with United having a far bigger budget than the Hammers and looking to win the league at the end of next season – not just avoid relegation like the Hammers.

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May 11, 2018 at 07:15AM

via Jose Mourinho makes joke about Pogba and Noble being ‘in love’ — High Velocity Sport

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