Andrés Iniesta & Xavi of Nigeria. Meet the 14 year old Lawal Suleiman Ayomide

The way he sees the game is different from everyone on the field, he doesn’t need to faint, dribble or out-muscle anyone. He just needs to touch the ball and the ball would run his errands gracefully. The beauty of having an intelligent player on your team is that, you have an edge. Just pray for your strikers to be at the right place at the right time and be willing to convert their chances

DcxgUL4XkAIkx0iI saw the 14-year-old Sule playing against people in their 30s and above in the Lagos State FA Cup yesterday, believe me or not – NO NIGERIA FOOTALLER, home or abroad has more football brain than this lad. The thing this boy did with the ball, Only Iniesta does it.

Sule featured for G12 academy (real academy) only 3 out of their team is likely to be above 20. The rest are in under 18. His team one 1- 0 and they are in round 32 of the Lagos FA Cup. Sule’s touches, pocket passes, ball control vision is out of here


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