AIDF ASIA Summit: Increasing disaster response and resilience in Asia


02 May 2018

London, 26 April 2018: More than 2 million people – an average of 43,000 per year – have been killed by natural disasters in the Asia-Pacific region since 1970, according to the latest United Nations’ figures. The principal causes were earthquakes and storms, followed by floods. 

In 2016 alone, disasters caused around 5,000 deaths and economic losses worth $77 bn in the region, home to 60% of the world’s population and its most disaster-prone area. Natural disasters displaced 60.4 million people globally between 2013 and 2015 – more than half were in Asia-Pacific, including in the Philippines (15 million people), China (13.1 million) and India (9.2 million).

Developing countries in Asia and the Pacific need to invest $26 trillion in infrastructure from 2016 to 2030, or $1.7 trillion per year, if the region is to maintain its growth momentum, eradicate poverty, and respond to climate change, according to the Asian Development Bank.

The UNDP reports that the total amount of aid being spent in South East Asia has increased by 23% since 2015, withUS$11.1 bn spent in 2017 from US$963.36 m in 2015. Similarly, every country in the region experienced an increase in aid between 2016 and 2017. The exception being Thailand where aid spending remained the same.

In this current climate, it is imperative to have a platform conducive to knowledge exchange, engagement with key organisations in the sector and access to the latest products and services. The AIDF Asia Summit will return for its 4th year on 20-21 June 2018 to facilitate this.

The Summit will take place at the United Nations Conference in Bangkok, Thailand, a selection based on the city being the hub for all international key agencies and the infrastructure in place for our partners to attend the event.
The AIDF Asia Summit offers an exclusive channel to engage with 300+ senior representatives and advisors from regional governments, UN and donor agencies, NGOs and development banks, looking to drive effectiveness of aid and development programmes in Asia.
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About AID & International Development Forum (AIDF):
The Aid & International Development Forum (AIDF) strives to be a catalyst of cross-sector collaboration and innovation in humanitarian and development sectors by bringing together governments, UN agencies, intergovernmental agencies, national and international NGOs, development banks, investors and the private sector. AIDF brings together key humanitarian and development practitioners, influencers, investors, thought leaders, policy makers and entrepreneurs. Our events and insights are based on comprehensive research and contributions from world leading experts including government ministers, FAO, UNESCAP, WFP, Asia Development Bank, UN OCHA, World Vision, UNOPS, USAID, GIZ, Red Cross, World Bank and many others.

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