Brave Edinburgh schoolgirl who’s battled cancer for three years raises £340,000 for potentially life saving operation in New York — The Scottish Sun


A BRAVE Edinburgh schoolgirl has raised hundreds of thousands for a lifesaving trip to New York to battle cancer.

Kira Noble, 14, has been fighting neuroblastoma for three years and has faced numerous gruelling rounds of treatment to get rid of the illness.

But despite medics’ best efforts they haven’t been able to rid brave Kira completely.

Her loved ones started a campaign to raise £340,000 in order to get the teen a potentially life saving op over in the US.

Now thanks to generous donations and tireless efforts from campaigners, the target has been smashed.

An announcement was made on the campaign’s Facebook page to say that the target had been met on Sunday.

A total of £348,572 has been raised.

Kira’s family said they were “overwhelmed and humbled” by the determination of everybody involved.

And they thanked campaigners for their help in reaching the incredible target.

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The post said: “Our £340,000 target was hit on Sunday by all you amazing people out there but we have only just received the official news on this front from our SKC financial administrator.

“There are other amounts still to come through the systems which are suggesting us overtaking this target and we will update you on specifics once we have received them ourselves.

“BE INCREDIBLY PROUD and thank you so much for choosing to support our gorgeous girl in this plight to get her to NYC for specialised potentially life saving surgery .

“We are overwhelmed and humbled by your drive, determination and hard work to get us here . So, Sunday 6th May we reached that magical number £340,000 – which seemed like such a huge mountain we had to climb ….. but it’s been achieved …..and lots more.
“Thank you, thank you, thank you #Peoplepower we love you !!!”