Officer tells court how he shot angry, cheated-on, jilted ex -News24

Looking down the barrel of a chrome hand gun, 357 magnum revolver.
Looking down the barrel of a chrome hand gun, 357 magnum revolver.

A policeman who killed his ex-girlfriend when she yelled at him for cheating and making “the other woman” pregnant, will be sentenced next week.

State advocate Gugu Shange on Thursday argued in the Pietermaritzburg high court that Constable Vuyani Brian Welcome should be given a higher sentence than the prescribed minimum of 15 years, which is applicable in the matter as the murder was not planned or premeditated. She said that as a policeman, his job was to protect, not kill.

Welcome has explained in a guilty plea how he killed Zanele Sibiya, who was also a police officer, on August 19 last year in Estcourt.

He said he was involved with two women, neither of whom knew he was cheating on them. In February 2017, Sibiya fell pregnant, but later had a miscarriage.

The next month, his other girlfriend fell pregnant. In August Sibiya found out about the other woman. She was furious, so he dumped her.

The fatal confrontation happened when she came to meet him at a bar. He got into her car.

“The conversation between us started off politely but soon became very uncomfortable. She brought up the fact that she had lost our baby and now another woman was pregnant with my child. She was very angry and began screaming at me, indicating that I am a terrible person who used her. I tried defending my actions but she was not prepared to listen. She continued shouting until I reached a point when I could no longer take it.”

Welcome drew his firearm and shot Sibiya once in the head. He said when he realised she was dead, he began to panic. He drove the vehicle to a nearby embankment where he abandoned it. He then got a lift to the bar and picked up his car. He was arrested later that day.

His attorney, Lauren Marais, said his sentence should be less than 15 years because he had a clean record, admitted guilt and the murder happened on the spur of the moment.

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