Emmanuel Adebayor Breaks Up With Girlfriend, Dillish Mathews Over Money Issues

 It appears like the relationship between Dillish Mathews and Togolese footballer, Emmanuel Adebayor has come to an end. This is coming after the Big Brother Africa winner and the İstanbul Başakşehir player unfollowed each other on Instagram.The alleged breakup is happening even before the both of them could openly come out to state that they are in a relationship after months of keeping it underground.

Going by a chat between the both of them, one can conclude that Emmanuel Adebayor believes Dillish Mathews is a hypocrite who preaches one thing and does the opposite.
The BBA winner had posted to know what people would love to teach the world when Adebayor slid in with a comment. She proceeded by stating that she would love to teach the world to be kind, loving, respectful, sharing, patient, gentle and truthful.

Reacting to the comment, Emmanuel Adebayor pointed out that she lacks all those things which she claims to want to teach the world.

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Things weren’t this way between the both of them few months ago. Back in February, Dillish got 300 red roses for Valentine from someone whom many reports pointed out to be Adebayor.
She wrote:

300 red roses! The most I’ve ever received in my life!!!! Thank you honey  kai I can’t stop smiling  #RealLifePrincess#JourneyOfAHumbleDreamer
Let’s see if they will come out about their breakup this time after failing to admit they are dating.
source: gst

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