Police: Almost $1 Million Worth Of Cancer Meds Stolen From Truck


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PULASKI, Tenn. (KDKA) — Almost $1 million worth of medication used by cancer patients was stolen from a truck in Tennessee last week.

The Giles County Sheriff’s Department says that deputies were sent to a truck stop last Thursday for a report that an 18-wheeler and its cargo had been stolen.

tennessee stolen truck Police: Almost $1 Million Worth Of Cancer Meds Stolen From Truck

(Photo Credit: Giles County Sheriff’s Department)

The driver of the 18-wheeler got out of his vehicle to get fuel and go into the truck stop store. When he came back out, the truck was gone.

According to the investigation, a red Volvo semi-truck and trailer had followed the 18-wheeler into the truck stop lot, and surveillance video shows that a passenger in the Volvo semi-truck got out, got into the 18-wheeler and drove off. The Volvo semi-truck followed.

The stolen 18-wheeler was hauling more than 1,000 vials of Octagam, a medication used by cancer patients. The sheriff’s department says the medication has an estimated total value of $965,000.

Officials say the stolen truck and trailer were found the next morning, but the medication was gone.

The investigation is ongoing.



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