Play-Doh Fingerprint Leads Detectives To Shoplifting Suspect

LEICESTER, Mass. (CBS/AP) — A Massachusetts police department explains that a fingerprint left in a hunk of Play-Doh led them to a shoplifting suspect.

Leicester police responded to Walmart on Dec. 11 after an employee found several electronic anti-theft devices that had been covered in the malleable clay-like toy in an apparent attempt to neutralize them.

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The Play-Doh failed to disable the spider-wrap devices and the suspect had fled.

However, the suspect left behind an incredibly valuable clue.

Police announced Monday the Connecticut Forensics Laboratory helped find a match for the print.

spiderwrap theft devices play doh fingerprint Play Doh Fingerprint Leads Detectives To Shoplifting Suspect

Credit: Leicester Police Department.

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55-year-old Dennis Jackson has been charged with unlawful removal of an anti-theft device. According to police, he has a long criminal record and faces arrest warrants in at least two other states.

Jackson is jailed and it’s not clear if he had a lawyer.

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