APC Congress: Nwoye attacks Ngige, accuses him of plot to hijack party in Anambra

The candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in last year’s governorship election in Anambra, Dr Tony Nwoye has accused Senator Chris Ngige of plot to hijack the party in the state.

In an ongoing harmonisation meeting in Awka over the discrepancies in the party’s ward congresses, Nwoye told Ngige that he was usurping the functions of the Congress committee by stating that ward congreses held on Saturday when it did not.

Nwoye said he was refraining from speaking because he may be accused of being bitter because he ran and lost election on the platform of the party.

He said, “Some of you here worked against me during that election, but my joy is that I lost the election and they lost too, because they have not risen themselves.

“We have failed as a party because we do not have any position in Anambra, but It will not work for people to put this party in their pocket so that they can write election results in their houses.

“I will not let Ngige take the function of the panel. We have a panel that is supposed to conduct that congress, and they just came here today(Sunday), whereas you are trying to tell us that elections have been held yesterday. How can Ngige be the one to conduct the congress when there is a committee.

“As at 7pm on Saturday, people were being denied the forms because thy want to contest for positions, and what that means is that the forms have been given out to those they like. We will not let that happen.”

Meanwhile, Senator Ngige who took offence over what he described as personal attack on his person by Nwoye explained that there was no trouble in the party, describing it as a brotherly affair.

Ngige had also earlier explained that, “We do not have trouble here and we are here to further the cause of the party.

“People were quering the guideline given by the NEC of the party, and I said no. The issue was over zoning of position. We said go to the ward and if anyone resigns, we replace him, because this is. Brotherly contest.”


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