Vice President Yemi Osinbajo has just delivered a clever, but admittedly brilliant address at the Platform. But we should not be deceived; and I am not impressed.

Prof. Osinbajo is playing second fiddle to the oppressive Nigerian ruling class that disdains our youth, divides us, and neglects the basic principles of nation building. Today, Osinbajo basically appropriated the industry, innovativeness and doggedness of the Nigerian youth, who President Buhari lately profiled as lazy and feeling entitled.

In his mode, Osinbajo’s brilliance, at best, is irrelevant to the rebuilding of the Nigerian nation and economy. Intellectual acumen that is deployed to deceive the people and perpetuate a brutal status quo should be rejected.

We have an alternative in the no less brilliant Kingsley Moghalu, a man of character, with a towering professional profile in nation- and institutional-building, both on the global stage and in the country.

Prof. Moghalu is bold, unshackled, and public-spirited. Thus, he has stepped out of the elite class, and is pitching his vision for the transformation of our country directly to the generality of Nigerians. As President, Moghalu will unify the entire people of our country and put our economy on a path of accelerated transformation. #SupportKCM

Jide Akintunde
Managing Editor / CEO at Financial Nigeria International Limited

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