Gabby Allen cancels holiday with Marcel Somerville after he cheated on her and ‘won’t ever’ give him a second chance despite him begging for – Sun

MARCEL Somerville is begging Gabby Allen to forgive him for cheating on her but she’s not interested and “totally over it”, say friends.

The Love Island star “won’t give Marcel a second chance” after finding out that her boyfriend slept with another woman behind her back while they were on holiday in Mexico earlier this year.

Gabby has cancelled holiday plans with Marcel
Getty – Contributor

“Gabby is absolutely done with Marcel,” a friend of the star tells The Sun Online.

“She’s cancelled all their plans including a holiday and there’s no way she’s giving him a second chance.

“She’s heartbroken and can’t believe he did this to her.

“He’s calling and messaging her trying to get her to forgive him but she’s totally over it.”

Gabby has been spotted once since the split – but Marcel is laying low

Marcel admitted to betraying Gabby this week, with his publicist saying that he’d “always regret” his actions.

“Sadly the rumours are true, Gabby and Marcel have split up. Marcel can’t really defend his actions as he knows he did wrong and will regret it forever,” said a statement.

“Marcel is upset that he broke the heart of someone he loves and someone that he shared so many special moments with, but with all the good times there are difficult times, and sadly Marcel and Gabby had been in a bad place at this stage.

“Gabby was a special part of my Marcel’s life, and he hopes one day she can find it in herself to forgive him.”

Gabby had a night out with a mate last night
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