This Man Got Pulled Over For Giving Money To A Homeless Man And What Happened Next Is Terrifying

A police car in New York City
Unsplash / Jan Gottweiss

People have known about police brutality for, well, a pretty damn long time. Though Michael Brown‘s death may have started the Black Lives Matter movement, it was hardly the beginning of the police force’s abuse of power and the pattern of targeting PoC — especially black men. Unfortunately, it’s still a prevalent problem in our country, whether people are willing to admit it or not.

In fact, Twitter user Kelsey (@kelseybew_) made it apparent that it’s just as alive as ever. How does she know? Her boyfriend allegedly had a particularly terrifying run-in with the police all because he happened to give his spare change to a homeless man.

It all started when her boyfriend stopped at 7-11 that night.

Somehow, one good deed turned into a terrifying run-in with the police.

And then the cop pulled out his gun.

It’s honestly not surprising that this man was TERRIFIED, especially after so many high-profile cases of police violence and abuse of power.

And when her boyfriend tried to explain what had been going on, the cop tried to deny it.

Of course Kelsey was worried out of her mind.

Luckily there was one good guy on the scene to help her boyfriend, even though he wasn’t able to do much.

In the end, the cops allegedly didn’t even apologize.

When her boyfriend was finally able to get ahold of her, they had an emotional reunion.

Because let’s face it — no matter what Kelsey saw in her boyfriend, it seems the police force saw something else based on very little information. And if something worse had happened, maybe the media would have, too.

After all, it’s police brutality is something we all know happens, but we never truly understand what it’s like until we’re the ones experiencing it.

Stories like these are important because it reminds us that even if we’ve made progress, we still have a ways to go. And we need to hold people accountable. TC mark

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