If Patrick Mahomes II is as accurate at passing a football as he is at making basketball predictions, the Kansas City Chiefs are going to be happy with their franchise quarterback.
Mahomes tweeted that LeBron James would score 45 points a little more than a half-hour before the Cleveland Cavaliers’ Game 7 matchup with the Indiana Pacers on Sunday.
Patrick Mahomes II @PatrickMahomes5
Idk if they are going to win but Lebron is putting up 45 today.!

James went on to put up exactly 45 points to go along with nine rebounds, seven assists and four steals in the Cavs’ 105-101 win. The performance carried Cleveland to a second-round matchup with the Toronto Raptors and moved James’ first-round record to 13-0 all time.

Mahomes, the Chiefs’ first-round pick a year ago, is slated to take over as the starter after Kansas City traded Alex Smith to Washington this offseason. He threw for 284 yards and an interception in his lone start of 2017.
Chiefs fans will have to hope Mahomes is just as good at calling his own shot come September.

via Patrick Mahomes II Tweeted LeBron James Would Score 45 Points Before Game 7 — High Velocity Sport


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