Of the Messiah, Town Crier, 2019 Elections and the Trump Summon.

Buhari-and-Trump-650x330Before we start jubilating and getting the wrong information from Washington on the speech of our esteemed president from his summons to the White House to see President Trump for a meeting. One issue we should all be aware of is that a meeting between Trump of America and Buhari of Nigeria can never be analyzed using normal parameters. I was elated and my patriotic zeal was high when I heard that after being received by PM May and hosted by the Queen, our President –without due honour at home- has been invited to the White House to see the American leader, until one of my good for nothing neighbours pointed out certain facts and rejigged my senses to reality.

Presidential visits to Washington are often well planned in advance and agendas well-orchestrated between both countries. Clear examples were pointed out to my naïve sense of the American President planning for two major visit presently: Trump visit to the UK and the North Korean President visit to Washington. Both have major importance to global peace and commerce, yet the visits scheduling are being planned and arranged over a long period and in consultations with the other party’s disposition.

The Nigerian president’s visit seem to me as summon. The same way you invite your junior colleagues for meetings in your office without prior notification. The elder brother, in this case the US have summoned and off we go. No need to even check the Nigerian President’s calendar for his availability for a meeting in Washington. Be remember that such meeting will surely take at least four days out of the busy schedule of a normal president with long prepared schedule. For a leader of over 200 million men and women, getting such allowance with a few days’ notice from Washington showed how busy our leaders are and how much we values our duty to the state.

Excuse my stupidity, the visit was the first by any African leader to Washington. Given the obvious lack of impetus for unnecessary diplomacy, Trump have refused to spend any quality time with any black president in the past two years. The job of placing America where it really belonged are enormous and should be taken seriously. There are no reason one should neglect such duties in exchange for talks with “old men who thinks youth are stupid and lazy enough to elect them into office”. And because we are Nigerians, lacking major positive governance achievements to flaunt; a visit to “Trumpland” suddenly became major point to bolster our sagging pride.

We dusted our gowns, went to the barbers for new haircuts, bagged a few ill-affordable Dollars into our bags and dispatched the national “town crier” to go as advance party to go smoothen the way for our messiah “Coming to America”. And like a maestro he was, the town crier choice of theme for the American campaign was clear, concise and attacked the jugular of issues in our failing state; “Buhari’s need to win the 2019 election”.

Without any proper analysis of the effects of our actions on the national psyche; the town crier went everywhere to address the World Media of the fact that Nigerian problem, economic and security were being fermented by people who are, wait for it; “the Re-election of our Messiah”. It was shocking and clearly done to shock and blackmail the elites and politicians on the war path with the Messiah. A student of political harangue, our town crier adeptly maneuvered solutions to every challenges the nation has and might have in the future as a function of challenges to authority of the messiah by the ungrateful lost souls of Nigeria.

He continued to put of a great defence of the messiah from Reuters to Associated Press, CNN and Al-Jazeera, his message though a contrast to those of the Messiah himself. The messiah in London have pointedly blamed the soldiers of the Libyan Civil War infiltration of Nigeria as the reason for herdsmen attacks. Talking from a point of advantage and information, the messiah pointedly ascribed failure of territorial and strategic security operations as the root of Nigerian insecurity. If the policing authorities have the requisite security architecture in place for the defense of Nigeria territorial integrity then the level of attacks on the Nigerian homeland would have been under control and easily eliminated.

Given unwarranted international media exposure, I am sure no nation on the brink of failing due to excessive use of unchecked terror tactics and incessant barrage from Boko Haram and Herdsmen –try not to call them Fulani Herdsmen- will choose to talk about its elections. The town crier could not be bothered that over 15,000 Nigerian has lost their lives in the past four years to an unidentified group termed the Herdsmen; he was not abashed at the thought that Boko Haram continued to bomb Northeast Nigeria on daily basis- despite being technically destroyed-; He continued to shy away from addressing the growing number of IDPs in North east and central Nigeria; and I am sure it’s none of his business that over sixty percent of the youth of this great country are being denied of their right to self-actualization; and, the fact that local insecurity keeps expanding are non-issue, all that is important is the need for reelecting the messiah.

While the Nigerian public awaits the summoning of our Moses to the Mountain probably to receive the new commandment for our nation; it’s imperative for us all to examine our options properly. The time have come for us all to band together and prepare for the return of the Messianic leader from mount Trump. The perennial habits of the international community conspiracies to deprive Nigeria of a viable and consciously progressive leadership should be well analyzed by our egg heads. There should be a direct efforts to harness our resources and forestall the installation of another dummy in Aso Rock in 2019. The Nigerian State obviously could ill-afford another four years of political and economic misadventure.

Well-meaning Nigerians should work hard the next few months to build a new alliance for the establishment of a wonderful beginning for a new Nigeria. Our sincere appreciation should go to the messiah of our time for making us understand the role of the past effecting the future. Acknowledging our error of the past is important and we will be grateful if, the world will just let us work out our problem and design a great solution just this time please.


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