I HAD great sex on holiday but it wasn’t with my husband.

Yet it was so good and felt so right that I don’t feel at all guilty about it.
There has been no sex in my marriage for two years and no general affection either. We have been married for 15 years and have 11-year-old twin daughters. I am 40, my husband is 43.

I feel ignored by my husband… it’s no wonder I cheated
I did lose interest in sex after the girls’ birth but now I have reached a time in my life when I have more confidence and I look and feel at my best physically.
I tried to tell my husband I feel lost and sad because there is no affection between us. He agreed he should try more but said sex is not important to him.
I like the life he provides for us. He has a good job, we have a nice house and holidays abroad.
I enjoy his company but don’t want to be in a sexless marriage.

I ended up sleeping with another guy when we were on holiday
I went to Ibiza with my sister for a few days last autumn.
On the final night a guy started talking to me. There was no sexual attraction but I felt a connection with him. He is 37.
We have been texting ever since. I have told him I’m married but he said he doesn’t want me to leave my husband.
I booked to go back to Ibiza for Easter with my sister but she was ill and could not go so I went on my own.
I met my holiday guy there. We had a lovely meal out and he said he had booked a hotel room for the night.

The sex was so enjoyable I’ve been back for more
Sex was brilliant and made me realise how important it is to me.
My husband works very hard but the real problem is he does not seem to know how to swap from work mode to home mode. He often talks to me as though I am one of his employees.
I stood up to him last week and he really didn’t like it. He said it made him think our marriage was in trouble.
I want to get things back on track with him but he seems happy with things as they are.

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