Why White People Should Care About Racism in the Police Force


First of all– all people should care. Because as Jim Jefferies would say “we’re not animals, we live in a society”.

Second of all– if you know a racist, and you aren’t talking about why being a racist in 2018 is completely fucked, then surprise, you’re a racist too.

So that being said, I saw ANOTHER horrifying video today on Facebook. In this video, a black man is heard yelling at the police officers (two of them at first, then a third shows up)

“I’m not even fighting back!”

Then they proceed to throw him into a truck, onto the ground, there’s a scuffle.

The camera is sort of jumpy for a moment while the brave videographer gets closer to the scene.

The man is crying, the police are still on top of him (yes, all three of them).

And why shouldn’t he be crying?!

Because in the next moment, despite what happened the last time these three words had to be spoken, the man uses the last of his energy to try and yell

“I can’t breathe!”

I almost threw up when not one of those three officers made any attempt to back off.

The man passes out.

It seems they somewhat realize ‘oh, there’s three of us on top of this one person, maybe this is excessive’, and they get off of him. While tapping on the now unconscious man’s chest saying

“Get up. Come on now stand up.”

Yes, please stand up so this video doesn’t end with a body bag headed to the morgue.

The man does live. They asked him not to release the video and apologized to him when they realized he was a former NFL player.

I went to the Henry County Police Department’s Facebook page.

Not one mention of the incident.

Sorry Henry county, we’re talking about it.

Because apparently, we have to. We have to keep having these talks until black people stop getting killed and beaten for being black. Today, I stood up for a man I didn’t know in the only way I know how.

I wrote about it.

“To whom it may concern: I saw the video. We all saw the video. I believe that whoever is reading this knows just as well as I do that the treatment of that man was horrifying, racist, and a GROSS misuse of power. Why do I feel the need to write you? Because ya’ll are making us white people who aren’t racist scum look bad too. Because that man screamed “I can’t breathe” and the officers didn’t back down even a little. Excuse me? I know I vividly recalled the last time we saw a video with a man screaming “I can’t breathe”, it didn’t end very well. Yet years later, your county’s officers weren’t trained (or at least not trained well) to get off a throat?! Beyond everything that went wrong in that video, and I assure you, I didn’t see much that went right, it is just as sickening to come to your page and see nothing about it. That poor man was crying until they choked him until he passed out. If ya’ll can’t even apologize publicly to this man, you’re just as much a part of the problem as the thugs walking around calling themselves police officers. They weren’t serving and protecting. They were harassing and beating. For no other reason than his skin color. I have no other words. Figure your shit out, Henry County Police Department.”

Here’s the thing. There are ZERO people who were slaves or slave owners alive in 2018. This isn’t a generational thing. I’ve met 100-year-old women who aren’t racist. This is a bigotry thing. Never in your life has it been a thing where black people were stolen from Africa, forced into boats, and taken to America for slave labor. They’re people. We’re all people. We have purpose, aspirations, dreams.

If I’m still preaching to a choir of bigots, nothing I can say here will change that.

For now, I’ll leave this here. Think on it. Reblog it. Write your own version. TALK ABOUT THIS.

If you need me, I’ll be over here, being white but not a racist asshole.

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