Don’t do it! 6 people share their cautionary tales of sex with the Ex – Bibi Lynch

Well, this is awkward (Picture: Ella Byworth for

Ex didn’t mark the spot, if you get my sledge-hammer drift. ‘I projectile vomited over all of them’:

10 people tell us the worst things ‘drunk them’ did I know people say ex-sex is great because they know what turns you on – but I say it grates because you know what turned you off (them). A memorable not-quite-blast from the past caught me clocking Tampax in his bathroom cabinet (‘regular’, so I knew they weren’t his) and a piece of paper with a phone number and ‘Helen Big Tits’ written on it. See? Not the most orgasmic of set-ups. Look back in anger, kids. But not with lust.

Jack, 23, from Taunton Oh God, no. I wouldn’t do sex with the ex. Not me. But deffo someone at my sixth form did. And he deserved what happened, TBF. He broke up with his sixth-form girlfriend before going to uni and then started dating someone else there. He’d been slagging his ex off behind her back, calling her fat and saying he was much better off now with the girl he was with. Somehow, this gets back to his ex who, the next time he’s back home for summer, flirts like crazy with him until he sleeps with her again, thinking he’s Mr Big Shot who pulls all the women. She then goes and tells all his mates they shagged, obviously in the hope it gets back to his girlfriend. Which, somehow, it does. Moral of the story? Girls are crazy, man – never, ever, make them angry…..


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