A true leader should not expose his citizens abroad – Ugandan President, Yoweri Museveni, cautions Buhari over anti-youths’ comment in UK



THE President of Uganda, Yoweri Musevei, has taken President Buhari to task for his anti-youth statement during the just-concluded Commonwealth meeting in London, the United Kingdom.

The angry Gambian leader reportedly said he was taken aback by President Buhari’s statement when he said Nigerian youths are lazy and always want everything given them free.

He said this statement is untrue considering the fact Nigerian youths are hardworking and always in search of how to survive.

Reacting further, the Ugandan leader said, ”President Buhari remains the most useless leader on the continent. A true leader should not expose his citizens, Nigeria is a great country, in fact, an outstanding country in Africa because of the indefatigable youths of that country.”

President Museveni further took a swipe at his Nigerian counterpart for rubbishing his citizens any time he makes a trip outside the country.

He said: ” Buhari can never outgrow the slave and master mentality, He keeps talking bad about his people any time he makes a trip. Britain is there to exploit and steal just what they are known for. He seizes to understand that Britain created that country and gave it all the flaws that will never make it grow beyond a limit.”



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