Google updated Maps, Earth 3D/2D imagery for 40% of the world’s population in the past year


For Earth Day 2017, Google Earth rather appropriately received a huge revamp that dropped the desktop app for a web client, redesigned the mobile apps, and added several features to better explore the world. A year later, Google is sharing several usage stats for the updated service.

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Google frequently updates the satellite imagery used in its mapping products with sharper and more detailed data. In the past 12 months, Google notes that it “added enough new 3D and 2D imagery to cover 3 billion people.” Covering 40% of the world’s population, 400 cities and metro areas received new high-resolution 3D imagery in both Maps and Earth.

Meanwhile, the I’m Feeling Lucky feature added to Earth last year has been used 190 million times. Similar to on Google Search, tapping the dice button takes users to a random location on the globe to explore.

The built-in Postcards feature that allows users to snapshot a location created 40 million postcards, which would be equivalent to $50 million, €39 million, or ¥3 billion in actual postage fees.

Lastly, the Voyager tool that allows users to take one of 300 interactive tours was used millions of times in the past year, with the functionality being especially useful for teachers and students.

Check out 9to5Google on YouTube for more news:

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