Spring/Summer 2018 Beauty Trends -Jasmine Beauty

Popsugar is always a great site for checking out the latest trends in beauty, hair and make-up – and it provided the goods once again with their top picks for S/S2018. We’ve seen lots of these trends before – some coming up from the 90s and some have never really gone away and some of these looks are a bit strong for everyday use. But I’ve picked the looks that will be easy to mimic at home, with little-to-no expense, because that’s half the fun of fashion. Anyone can looks amazing with a big spend – but it’s so much more fun to pull off a new look by rummaging around in your make-up and accessories boxes and bringing back to life some old favourites.

Flower embellishments – Even if you never jumped on the flower-crown bandwagon, you can’t deny how pretty these blooms look as hair accessories. Hair stylists placed them individually in updos or behind the ears. Debut this look when the Spring music festivals come along, or even try it at a formal event.

Brushstroke liner – Consider this makeup trend a grown-up version of finger painting. Take an electric color like red or blue, or even basic black, and swipe it on liberally. There’s no precision required for this artsy look best suited for a night out.

Accent Stripe – Minimalist manicures were popular at New York Fashion Week. Instead of just keeping nails bare with flesh-toned polish, however, they sported a little touch of nail art in the form of skinny stripes. Worn on a single nail, it’s beautifully subtle (not to mention incredibly easy to re-create at home).

Glossy Lips – Lip gloss, everyone’s favorite ’90s beauty product, is back in a big way for Spring. Considering supermatte lips have taken over Instagram for a while now, it’s refreshing to see neutral, high-shine pouts on their way up.

Fancy Tails – This Spring, a simple black elastic won’t do. We saw countless fresh takes on the ponytail, from being wrapped in neon bungees to braids to artful layering. The sporty hairstyle has never been chicer.

Reimagined French Manicure – Classic French manicures bring back memories of the early aughts and have, for the most part, been left behind. New ways of doing the look, however — say, “upside down” (with the strip at the cuticle of the nail) or with metallic or striped tips instead of white — hint at a major comeback for the retro mani this Spring.

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